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14 March 2018

  1. Updated Officer list for 2018.
  2. Updated meeting notes for 8 July 2017, 12 August 2017, 9 September 2017, and 10 February 10, 2018
  3. Updated Membership Form for 2018
  4. Updated Programs for 2018
  5. Had to revamp Archive Holdings (added 12 website Pages and updated Menu to reduce length of single page) to add several books and other items to Archive List
  6. Add holdings not previously listed. Search for 03/14/2018 to find these in the listing. Family History, Church History, Newton County History, MS History and States Other Than MS.

7 February 2018

  1. Updated Officer list for 2018.
  2. Updated meeting notes for 14 October 2017, 11 November 2017, 09 December 2017 and 13 January 2018.

28 June 2017

  1. Updated meeting notes for 10 June 2017.

 21 May 2017

  1. Updated list of scheduled speakers for 2017.
  2. Updated meeting notes for January, February, March & April Meetings.

14 January 2017

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 10 December 2016
  2. Setup Meeting Notes for 2017
  3. Updated Officers for 2017
  4. Updated Membership form for 2017

1 November 2016

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 8 October 2016

17 September 2016

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 13 August 2016

21 August 2016

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 9 July 2016

26 July 2016

  1. Added Meeting Notes: February thru June 2016
  2. Updated upcoming speakers for Sept/Nov/Dec

27 February 2016

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 9 January 2016
  2. Minor updates to Officers for 2016

24 January 2016

  1. Thanks to assistance from my son, the Guest Book is once again operational!

18 January 2016

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 12 December 2015
  2. Updated Officers for 2016
  3. Updated Meetings page for 2016

18 November 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 10 October 2015
  2. Added 2016 Membership Form

19 October 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 12 September 2015

24 September 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 8 August 2015

27 July 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 13 June 2015 & Program schedule for remainder of year.

8 June 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 9 May 2015

20 May 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 14 March & 11 April, 2015

26 March 2015

  1. Added Adobe PDF version “The Amis, Brewer, Pettey, Langford and Wilson Families of Newton County, Mississippi” by A. B. Amis, Sr. (1936) Revised and Updated by Lucius F. Wright, M. D. (Updated 30 April 2012).
  2. Made multiple corrections to several pages (corrected links, deleted dead links, ...)
  3. Scanned & added PDF copy of “Rock Branch Baptist Church Testimony 1871-1988”, by Jerry D. Bingham. See Rock Branch Baptist Church page.
  4. Added links to NCHGS Research Links page.

13 March 2015

  1. Corrected language on Notices page.

4 March 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 14 February 2015

20 February 2015

  1. Added Meeting Description for April (Special Program)

31 January 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 10 January 2015

11 January 2015

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 8 November 2014, 13 December 2014
  2. Added Program Notes for 2015
  3. Updated Officers for 2015

3 November 2014

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 9 August 2014; 13 September 2014; 11 October 2014.

7 September 2014

  1. After installing latest NetObjects Fulsion patch spent a couple of days  investigating problem and finally have a solution that works! The website will now be updated over the next couple of weeks to reflect changes since March.
  2. Added Meeting Notes: 8 March 2014; 12 April 2014; 10 May 2014; 14 June 2014; 12 July 2014

15 March 2014

  1. Added St. Hill M. B. Church page (by Charlie Chapman).

24 February 2014

  1. Added Meeting Notes: 11 January 2014
  2. Added Meeting Notes: 8 February 2014


The NetObjects Fusion software I use for website creation/maintenance has put out a bad release that doesn’t work properly.  I have a trouble ticket open with the company that produces the software.  Since I’ve converted the website to the new release, I am unable to easily backout to a previous version. Until further notice, I will only make careful minor changes until a patch/fix is released.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience, particularly since I have big plans for the website in 2014. I will continue work on Volume II of the Newton Record 1938-194x book instead.


It has come to my attention that the website is not displaying as it should on all pages. I will not have time to verify all pages until Feb/Mar of 2014. I recently ungraded to a new version of website publishing software (NetObjects Fusion 2013) and republished the entire website as HTML 5 to take advantage of new capabilities and to allow the website to be correctly formatted for Windows 8 touch screens, smartphones, ipads, etc. Please notify me ( when you see problems that need to be addressed.  Thanks, Ron Searcy


  1. Added Meeting Notes: 9 November 2013
  2. Added Meeting Notes: 14 December 2013
  3. Setup Meeting Notes for 2014 Programs & Meeting Notes
  4. Updated Officers page for 2014


  1. Added Meeting Notes: 14 September 2013
  2. Added Meeting Notes: 12 October 2013
  3. Added to Home Page: The Supplement to Gardner/Ballard and Allied Families is ready for mailing. You may purchase a book including the Supplement.  Download, complete, and mail order form per the instructions on the form.  Versions: Word, Adobe PDF. new 11/3/2013


  1. Added 10 August 2013 Meeting Notes.
  2. Added 13 July 2013 Meeting Notes.
  3. Updated Meeting Calendar on Home & Meeting pages
  4. Updated Shape Note page to include link to: Newton County Christian Harmony Convention website. Links to a Newton County Appeal article.
  5. Updated names on “Stamper Sewing Circle” photo using information from Terry Lange (bottom of page).
  6. Updated Cemetery book acquisition information per instructions from Ann Burkes.
  7. Updated Archives Holdings List (Search for 8/18/2013)


  1. Added “History of Old Houses in Decatur” 1990/1994 by the members of the Women’s Progressive Club. This 15-page book was provided courtesy of the Women’s Progressive Club.


  1. Added 8 June 2013 Meeting Notes


  1. Added electronic book: Newton County Mississippi Marriage Records 1872 - 1952 by William Harold Graham, Ed. D to home page.


  1. Added newspaper account of “Bloody Street Duel”.
    This is an “O.K. Corral” like duel that took place on the streets of Union, MS in July, 1909.
  2. Updated names on Harris Brothers photo thanks to information from Jesse Harris.
  3. Updated information on Martha Ella (Harris) Culpepper thanks to Shannon Christian.
  4. Added 11 May 2013 Meeting Notes.
  5. Updated Newton County Research Publications page to add A. J. Brown’s “History of Newton County from 1834-1894”.


  1. Digital ebook: History of Newton County 1834-1894 by A. J. Brown


  1. Added info about “The Newton Record 1929-1938” book on home page.
  2. Added 13 April 2013 Meeting Notes
  3. Added link to on Research Links page.
  4. Updated Archives Holdings List (Search for 04/20/2013)
  5. Added link to Mount Zion School: List of Students 1863 (.PDF) on Newton Count/Schools (provided by Clara Malak Source: Family Puzzlers, April 11, 1985, No, 912. pages 3-4)
  6. Added link to: on Research Links page. Also rearranged Research Links page.
  7. Updated Churches page
  8. Added a new page (Newton County Church List) to begin documenting all Churches located in Newton County, MS.
  9. Added “A History of Mt. Zion Congregational Methodist Church” comiled by Terry T. Lange
  10. Posted CLARK family photos (3-George Washington Clark & Family) on Family Photos page provided by Jonathan Puckett.
  11. Reworked Research Publications page.


  1. Added 9 March 2013 Meeting Notes


  1. Added  9 February 2013 Meeting Notes
  2. Updated Calendar on Home/Meeting Information pages to include Meeting Days and notes.
  3. Added photo to historical events: Egg Boil in the Woods of Newton County (John Adam Smith, Eldon Harrison, E. O. Smith identified in picture)
  4. Added photo to Family Photos: Charles Jefferson Davis Price family photo provided by Donovan Sisson
  5. Added photo to Family Photos: Florence Lucy Price Horton & her three children provided by Donovan Sisson.
  6. Complete LastName, FirstName Index for Newton Appeal Obits for 2012 (Still have to add DOB/DOD to index)


  1. Added 12 January 2013 Meeting Notes
  2. Update Home Page w/Calendar to add Meeting events & pop-ups
  3. Update Newton Appeal Obits for 2012 to add May-December obituaries provided by Mr. Bill Graham, Managing Editor. Added obituaries for May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Still need to add names to Index List at top of page.
  4. Added pictures provided by Ms. Sally Winstead Williams of first Run of Meridian & Memphis Railroad to Little Rock, MS circa 1912.


  1. Updated Article V of Constituion & Bylaws


  1. Added Ten Plus public release to home page
  2. Added New Officers for 2013
  3. Added 10 November 2012 Meeting Notes
  4. Added 8 December 2012 Meeting Notes
  5. Setup Meetings page for 2013 Programs/Notes
  6. Changed language on Guest comments page for email addresses.
  7. Added Walter Teasley Taylor photos provided by Ms. Stephanie Borop.


  1. Added 13 October 2012 Meeting Notes
  2. Added link to Newsline Newsletter on home page


  1. Added 8 September 2012 Meeting Notes


  1. Added 11 August 2012 Meeting Notes


  1. Added 14 July 2012 Meeting Notes
  2. Corrected typo in “About Newton Newspapers”.


  1. Added 9 June 2012 Meeting Notes & 2012 Meeting Program Updates


  1. Added 14 April 2012 Meeting Notes
  2. Added 12 May 2012 Meeting Notes
  3. Updated Maxwell Allied Families to add Name/Wikipedia link to Patrick Henry’s Portrait
  4. Updated Archive Holdings (search for 03/28/2012 for changes)
  5. Adding Mailing Address & 2012 Holiday Closings for Archives
  6. Added Elsie Hagan as 2012 Chaplain on Officers Page
  7. Added photo of Hollingsworth Family (1926) to Family Photo page. Photo provided by J. Wren Harris, Jr.
  8. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: December 2011
  9. Created Newton County Appeal Obituaries for 2012
  10. Added January, February, March and April, 2012 Obituaries with Alphabetic List of Names


  1. Added 10 March 2012 Meeting Notes


  1. Added Meeting Program Information for upcoming months


  1. Added 11 February 2012 Meeting Notes
  2. Added Meeting Program Details for Mar-May, 2012


  1. Added 12 November 2011 Meeting Notes.
  2. Added 10 December 2011 Meeting Notes.
  3. Added 14 January 2012 Meeting Notes.
  4. Updated Officers for 2012.
  5. Updated Archive Holdings
  6. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: October 2011
  7. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: November 2011


  1. Added 8 October 2011 Meeting Notes.
  2. The Four Crowns of Newton County by Anne McKee
  3. The Uncle I Never Knew by Buddy Bynum. Added link to James L “Buddy” Bynum’s Obituary (1952-2011). Also added link in Military Records & Links to this article.
  4. Corrected Google Site Search on home page.
  5. Started adding pictures to the Individual Photo page.


  1. Added 10 September 2011 Meeting Notes
  2. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: June 2011
  3. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: July 2011
  4. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: August 2011
  5. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: September 2011
  6. Note: July-September Obituary Names not indexed at top of page yet.


  1. Added 13 August 2011 Meeting Notes.
  2. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: February 2011
  3. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: March 2011
  4. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: April 2011
  5. Added Newton County Appeal Obituaries: May 2011


  1. Created new Archive_Holdings.pdf & linked to it on: Archive Holdings page.


  1. Added 9 July 2011 Meeting Notes.
  2. Finished adding all photos to Family Photos (Historical) alphabetically.


  1. Updated Archive Holdings (search for 07/23/2011) to see changes.
  2. Continue to add Family Photos (Historical) alphabetically. Added through McElhenney with approximately 55 photos left to add.


  1. Continue to add Family Photos (Historical) alphabetically.


  1. Updated Towns Communities Landmarks main page
    1. Added The History of Chunky, Mississippi by Terry T Lange
    2. Added Memories of Chunky by Sarah Judson Cooper Armstrong
  2. Updated Churches (Added Rock Branch Baptist Church Article)


  1. Added a few photos to Historical Photos - Homes
  2. Added Family Photos (Historical)


  1. Added a few photos to Historical Photos - Homes


  1. Minor changes (Archives, Membership, Officers, Notices and Meetings)
  2. Added following text to Families page:
  3. NOTE: Family articles and descendant information has been provided by individual contributors to NCHGS.  If you find errors in names, dates and/or relationships, please send the updates with source/reference information to


  1. Added 11 June 2011 Meeting Notes.


  1. Added more Historical Photos - Schools (In Progress)


  1. Added 9 April 2011 and 14 May 2011 Meeting Notes.
  2. Historical Photos - Schools (In Progress)
  3. Historical Photos - Family Photos (In Progress)


  1. Add program information for 2011 November & December meetings.


  1. Added 12 March 2011 Meeting Notes.


  1. Added link to Greenland Baptist Church website with history of church (history website no longer exists)


  1. Added 12 February 2011 Meeting Notes.


  1. Updated Meetings page with events for upcoming months of 2011.


  1. Added 8 January 2011 Meeting Notes.
  2. Updated 21 of 125 Family Group Photos in Historical Photos section. Did not publish update page yet.


  1. Updated Historical Photos: Churches
  2. Updated Historical Photos: Events


  1. Added 11 December 2010 Meeting Notes. Setup for 2011 Meeting Notes & Programs.
  2. Changed Membership page & added an Adobe Fillable Membership Form for easier completion.
  3. Add Newton County Appeal Obits for 11 November 2010 through 29 December 2010.


  1. Added 13-November-2010 Meeting Notes.


  1. Completely changed Newton County Historical Photos. Renamed, reordered and prepared several pages in a standard format for photos. Photos are separated by Family Photos (Individuals & Family Group) and Newton County Photos (Churches, Events, Homes, Maps, Places, Schools and miscellaneous unknown). The menu was changed to reflect the reordering of the Photo pages. I have hundreds of photos to add to the website. This work will be done Jan-Mar 2011.


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for 3 November 2010
  2. Updated Archive Holdings (search for 11/07/2010 to see changes. Added Archive Holdings PDF file.
  3. Added to History of Newton by Nancy K Williams as a sub-page to Towns, Communities & Landmarks
  4. Added “Postal Service to Doolittle Station & Town of Newton” by Dr. Harold Graham.
  5. Added links to Newspapers webpage.
  6. Added new webpage “Articles About Newton Newspapers” and placed  “Early Newspapers in Newton” by A J Brown (1834-1907), “Editors of the Newton Record (1901-2009)” by Dr. Harold Graham.
  7. Added “The Bunch and Cheek Families of Newton, Mississippi: Their Family History and Migration to Newton County” by Walt Meyer, Jr.
  8. Added “Author of Brown’s History Had Feeling for History” by Miss Kate Williams (1887-1986) Undated manuscript from the late Kate Williams who notes, “This biography of Alfred John Brown was compiled from his private memoirs which he left for his family, from information supplied by his son, J. P. Brown, and from my personal acquaintance of A. J. Brown”.
  9. Hon. A. J. Brown: A Deserved Tribute to Newton’s Late and Lamented Citizen” by J. C. Fant. Published in The Newton Record, January 6, 1908.
  10. Grierson’s Raid” by Mae Helen Clark.


  1. Added 9-October-2010 Meeting Notes
  2. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for 20 & 27 October 2010.


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for 4-11 August 2010
  2. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for 13 October 2010


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for August 2010
  2. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for September 2010
  3. Added 11-September-2010 Meeting Notes.
  4. Added “The Stamper of Newton County Mississippi” by Milton Stamper (Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to access.)


  1. Added 14-August-2010 Meeting Notes.


  1. Updated Archive Holdings
    (search for 08/19 or 08/30 or Frank Cook  to see changes)


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for July 2010
  2. Added 10-July-2010 Meeting Notes.


  1. Deleted picture from Chapman Family.
  2. Added 12-June-2010 Meeting Notes.
  3. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for 16-June & 23-June 2010.
  4. Added Places page for historical photos.
  5. Added “If Walls Could Talk” by Harold Graham (Remembering, Vol 9, Nos 1&2). The story of the Frank Grey Semmes. A short biographical sketch and the Newton Record accounts of the killing of Thomas D Lawson over a dispute about road access.
  6. Added “Georgia Tann: A Story of Stolen Babies” by Lois Cooper (Remembering, Vol 9, Nos 1&2). The story of Georgia Tann is one of intrigue, fascination, horror, disbelief and many more words of description.  It is a story of a very influential woman who was born and raised in Hickory, Mississippi. ...
  7. Added “A Likely Story--Truth is Stranger Than Fiction” (Remembering, Vol 9, Nos 1&2). Part 1: The Story by Jewell Ferguson Russell & Part 2: The Rest of the Story by Dr. Harold Graham.  A story of the killing of Berry Clark Everett.
  8. Added “Historical Notes on The Town of Hickory” by Dr. Harold Graham (Remembering, Vol 9, Nos 1&2).
  9. Added “Another Good Man Gone: The Life and Times of Jesse Preston Gibbon” By Bobby Caldwell and Dr. Harold Graham (Remembering, Vol 9, Nos 1&2). Includes family tree/descendant information.
  10. Added “The Man Behind the Maps” By Dr. Harold Graham (Remembering, Vol 9, Nos 1&2). In the office of the Chancery Clerk, Newton County, Mississippi, one will find a series of maps of several Newton County towns, all drawn in the early 1900’s and bearing the signature of Thomas H.  Harrod.  ...


  1. Added 8-May-2010 Meeting Notes.


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for May 2010 & 2-June-2010


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for April 21 & 28 2010


  1. Added Copyright section to drop-down menu
  2. Added 10-Apr-2010 Meeting Notes.


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for April 7 & 14 2010


  1. Added Newton County Mississippi: A Cemetery Census 1782-1995
  2. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for March 2010


  1. Updated Chapman Family w/pictures & minor updates


  1. Added 13-Mar-2010 Meeting Notes.


  1. Added Newton County Appeal Obits for March 2010
  2. Added The Rise of Newton County’s Public School System from the 1936 Centenial issue of The Newton Record


  1. Added new page: Archive Holdings
  2. Updated Archives page
  3. Updated Photos of Newton County page. Added book information.


  1. Minor updates, error corrections & other changes
  2. Changed top-level menu system. Move Sharing Standards to NCHGS Info, and moved Archives to top-level Navigation bar.
  3. Updated Meetings page, August 2010 program presenter
  4. Added Newton County Appeal Obits from Jan & Feb 2010


  1. Updated Reverend Cader Price (Revised 2008 by Dr. Harold Graham)
  2. Added The Vance Migration by Janette Vance Morgan


  1. The Hansfords in Newton County, Mississippi by Terry Terrell Lange
  2. Turning Points add to Early Transportation
  3. The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 Strikes Lake by Martha Waltman
  4. A History of Hazel Baptist Church by Mark Savell
  5. Towns, Communities and Other Landmarks (New Section)
  6. Towns, Communities and Other Landmarks, Southwest Quadrant, Northern Half (Exclusive of the Town of Newton) by Dr. Harold Graham
  7. Organizations (New Section)
  8. Patrons Union by Bess Hollingsworth
  9. Southwest Quadrant
  10. Towns, Communities and Other Landmarks in the Southern Half of the Southwest Quadrant of Newton County, Mississippi by Dr. Harold Graham
  11. Bermuda Hill by Frances Doolittle Norman
  12. Tanglewood Plantation by Milton McMullan
  13. Early Life in the Jackson Prairie, Newton County, Mississippi By George L. Mason
  14. Updated NCHGS Research/Military Records & Links page
  15. Resaca’s Bloody Field, Reminiscences of a Confederate Soldier of Newton County by Terry Terrell Lange
  16. The Town of Hickory by A. J. Brown with additional notes from Melvin Tingle, Greg Boggan, and Dr. Harold Graham
  17. The Road to New Orleans
  18. Native American Section
  19. Researching Choctaw Indian Ancestry by Dr. Harold Graham
  20. Choctaw Towns in Newton County by A. J. Brown with updates by Melvin Tingle
  21. The French and Indian War A Matter of Colonial Policy By Frank H. Kirtley
  22. Tecumseh Visits the Choctaw Nation By Dr. Harold Graham
  23. Haunted Lake Holds On To Past Legends by Nan Fairley
  24. The Juzan Family of Spanish West Florida and The Choctaw Nation by Greg Boggan
  25. The Odyssey of John Parks By Dr. Harold Graham
  26. The Death of a Soldier by George Powell Clarke


  1. Benjamin Jefferson Moore family by Charlie Chapman, Jr.


  1. The Way We Were by Dr. Harold Graham
  2. Early Generations of the Benjamin Jefferson Moore Family In Newton County by Charlie Chapman, Jr.


  1. Minor updates & corrections
  2. Working on .htaccess to redirect old pages to new when users access the website via


  - Published new NCHGS.ORG website. 
  - Additions to the original website are:

  1. Historical Photos section
  2. Remembering Floy Elizabeth Martin Hurst (1931-2005)
  3. Maxwell & Allied Families
  4. Articles & Notes (a new section to the NCHGS website
  5. Tracking Sherman through Newton County - Part 1 / Eastern Half
  6. Church Going in the 1870’s and 1880’s - Part 1 & 2
  7. Remembering Daysidel Day Bruister Berry Hill
  8. Wroten, Day & Allied Families
  9. The Todd Family in Newton County
  10. William Harris, Sr. Family of Newton County
  11. Added Google Site Search to Home page
  12. Added Newspaper & Newton County Appeal (Obits) sections
  13. Tracking Sherman Through Newton County: Part 2 - Western Half From Scott County Line to Decatur by Ricky Harrison
  14. A Tale of Two Soldiers by Dr. Harold Graham


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