The  Beginning


From: Remembering July 2002

Only a few short months ago, myself and seven other  researchers sat across a table at the Okla Museum in Decatur. We had met several  times on common genealogical projects, and with each meeting, our number grew.  It was at this particular meeting that Bess Hollingsworth looked across the  table and offered, “Why don’t we form a genealogical society for Newton County?”  There were no naysayers.

So here we are in July, a Society with 92 members and  growing. Our membership extends from the four square boundaries of Newton County  across this United States to the outreaches of Alaska where our dear member  Grace Gilmer lives. But, beyond the notion of sheer numbers, there is an  undercurrent of excitement with each project that we undertake.

This newsletter is just one of several ongoing projects.  Myrtis Craft has taken a leadership role in collecting and typing church  records. Melvin Tingle has undertaken a series of individual interviews to  document our living history. In this project and other projects we recognize the  significance of World War II veterans to our nations history. We will photocopy  all WPA records and make them available to researchers in Newton County. Then  there is the Memorabilia Fair planned for this fall. The fun is just beginning.

I want to thank the original group Myrtis Craft, Melvin  Tingle, Patsy Gary, Bess Hollingsworth, Bobby Caldwell, Martha Waltman, Lucy  Vance and Freeman Parker for having faith in the future of a historical and  genealogical society AND I want to thank the membership for making it happen!


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