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Abney, Oscar Walter (1880-xxxx)
Abney, Oscar Walter (1880-1930)
Passport Photo


Addy, Luther
Luther Addy
Avery, Beulah Frances James
Beulah Frances James Avery
Married 4 August 1940 to John Buchanan Avery, Jr.

Beatty, William Warren (1868-xxxx)
William Warren Beatty (1868-xxxx)

Passport Photo

Blount, Dorothy Helen Thumbnail
Dorothy Helen Blount
Blount, Frances 1940 Thumbnail
Essie Frances Blount
Blount, Henry Clayton Jr 004 Thumbnail
Henry Clayton Blount, Jr.


Blount, Sallie Crawford (1893-1981) Thumbnail
Sally Ann Crawford Blount


Blount, Sally Ann Crawford 1940 Thumbnail
Sally Ann Crawford Blount
Photo taken in 1940
Blount, William Clayton 1940 Thumbnail
William Clayton Blount
Bogan, Janie Erie Daniels Thumbnail
Janie Erie Daniels Bogan
Married to Ralph Marsh Bogan 31 Dec 1939
Bolton, Junius Langston 02 (1894-xxxx)
Junius Langston Bolton
(27 Jun 1894-05/19/1979)


Bradley, Rev. W C
Reverend W C Bradley
Brooks, Silandra Fowler Thumbnail
Silandra Fowler Brooks
Buckley, Hazel Boutwell
Hazel Boutwell Buckley
Buntyn, Wilmer Thumbnail
Wilmer Buntyn
Burnett, Duncan W (1897-xxxx)
Duncan W Burnett
Passport Photo 1920
Butler, Margaret Ann Brand Thumbnail
Margaret Ann Brand Butler




















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