Wroten, Day, and Allied Families

By Dr. Harold Graham

At Wrought, Helen Allingham (1848-1926)We begin our journey in County Wiltshire, England in the 16th century when a gentleman named Sir William Wroughton was knighted on 11 May 1544 by the Earl of Hertford, and who was a son of  Johannes Wroughton who died on 16 August 1496. The estate and manor house that became the property of Sir William Wroughton would become the village known as Wroughton and which remains in existence today.

Over the course of many generations the name Wroughton has undergone many spelling changes including those of Wroten, Wrotten, Rhoden, Roaten, Routin, and yes, even ROTTON!

Left: At Wroughton, Helen Allingham (1848-1926)

Our American progenitor was that of Hezikiah Wroten who came to the Virginia colony in the year 1619 on the ship Bona Nova. His future wife Margaret also came to the Virginia colony with her parents on the ship Warwick.  Discussion continues about the correct lineage of their descendants; however, over the passage of time many of these descendants would move to other colonies and states. We continue the lineage at a later generation:

  1. Nehemiah Wroten, Sr., born 1725—died 28 May 1803, Barren County, Kentucky. He was married to Sarah  and their first child was
  2. Isaiah Wroten, Sr., born 1750, moved to what would later become known as Barnwell District, South Carolina, where he died in 1807. The name of his first wife is unknown, but his second wife was Rebecca Hickman, daughter of John Hickman and Elizabeth Bright. She was born in 1778 and died 1856, Barnwell District, South Carolina.

By the year 1817 many of the Wroten’s, along with the allied families of Hickman and Bright, has resettled in Mississippi, and by 1830, we find them living in a number of south Mississippi counties including Lawrence, Copiah, Pike, and Franklin.

Isaiah Wroten, Jr., a child of the first marriage of Isaiah Wroten, Sr., was born 1775 in Barnwell District, South Carolina, and was one of the early settlers in Lawrence County, Mississippi. He later moved to Franklin County, Mississippi, where he died in 1829. He was married to Sarah Louisa (Winnie) Hickman, a daughter of Thomas Hickman and Rebecca Blitchington, and granddaughter of John Hickman and Elizabeth Hickman. The marriage of Isaiah Wroten, Jr., and Sarah Louisa Bright produced three children:

  1. William Wroten, said to have married and moved to Texas and for whom little is known other than he probably was the William “Rhoden” living in Newton County, Mississippi, in 1840.
  2. Mary Eliza Wroten 1 married Henry C. Day (See later)
  3. Zachariah Wroten married Louisa Maria Clarke (See later)

In the year 1839, as best the record shows, Winnie would move to Newton County, Mississippi, with her daughter Mary Eliza and son-in-law Henry Day. They did not come alone, however, bringing also Winnie’s son Zachariah, likely her son William and his wife, and bringing her parents, Thomas and Rebecca Hickman. According to the late Lee Elbert Johnson, Thomas Hickman bought a 160 acre tract of land two miles east of Decatur on what would have been 16th Section Land 2, and following his death and that of his wife Rebecca, sometime after the year 1840, the land was transferred to their grandson, Zachariah Wroten. It is likely that Mary Eliza and Henry Day also lived on that land during the early days of their marriage. Winnie died some time after the year 1850 and it is thought that her son Zachariah lived on the land until his removal to Texas many years later.

Descendants of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day

Mary Eliza Wroten, daughter of  Isaiah Wroten, Jr., and Sara Louisa Hickman, married Henry C. Day, born 20 March 1800, South Carolina—died 12 January 1859, Decatur, Mississippi. Daysidel Day Bruister-Berryhill, despite a life-time of searching for his parentage, admitted in a letter to the author dated 7 February 2005:

    “My Day files bulge with my findings—yet, I still can not prove parentage of Henry Day whose wife was Mary E. Wroten. Oh, yes, there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence. I just wish for certainty.

    “Henry, I believe was son of Henry and wife Mary Blitchington. He, along with other former Barnwell Co., South Carolina residents came to Newton Co., MS, about 1839 (Keens, Hickmans).”

Mary Eliza and Henry moved from Lawrence County, Mississippi, following their marriage and are said to have lived briefly at McComb, Mississippi. They arrived in Newton County in 1839 in company with members of the Hickman family. According to Dr. Joe Todd, they lived briefly near the present site of Beulah Church before moving to the Chapel Hill community. Henry was a farmer and died in 1859. On 26 March 1855, Henry patented 120 acres of land in Section 9, Township 7, Range 12 E, this land valued at 60 cents an acre.

Family records, combined with census records, indicate that they were the parents of at least 14 children, some of whom likely died young.

The stories surrounding the death of Mary Eliza vary slightly; however, the common thread is that she went to take care of at least one of her sons who were in military service in the Civil War and who had developed camp fever. She developed the same illness and died on the way home at Sand Springs, according to one version of the story. She is buried in Decatur Cemetery 3. A review of facts indicates that she was at the bedside of her son Henry W. Day when he died at Lauderdale Springs, Mississippi. She died two weeks later, we believe, having been returned to the residence of her daughter Rachel Day Gallaspy who lived in the Sand Springs community of Newton County.

Based on the research of Dickie Day, one of their sons, Henry W. Day, was hospitalized at Lauderdale Springs, Lauderdale County, Mississippi. Henry died in the care of his mother and was brought home and buried in Decatur Cemetery next to his parents. This event is further documented (without names) by George Powell Clarke in his book, Reminiscences and Anecdotes of the War for Southern Independence. (See later story).

A second son, John Day, was assigned to Company D (also E) of the 30th Mississippi Regiment, and was killed at the Battle of Stone’s River, Tennessee. Andrew Jackson Day, a third son, served in Company D, 48th Mississippi. He was furloughed on September 17, 1864 from the General Hospital, Howard’s Grove, Richmond, Virginia, later married and moved to Texas.

Children of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day are

  1. Rachel Ann Day, born 29 December 1827, Lawrence County, Mississippi—died 1917; married John G. Gallaspy (See later).
  2. Permelia Day, born 28 October 1830, Lawrence County, Mississippi—died 3 August 1910, Newton County, Mississippi, married Garland Miller Gallaspy (See later)
  3. Mary Day, born ca. 1833, Lawrence County, Mississippi. No further information.
  4. Elizabeth (Betty) Day, born 1834, Lawrence County, Mississippi—died 18 April 1920, Lawrence, Newton County, Mississippi; married Eli M. Pennington (See later)
  5. John Day, born 1836, Lawrence County, Mississippi—died Civil War. According to Stella Puckett Gibbon, John and his brother Henry W. Day never married.
  6. Andrew Jackson Day, born 1839, Newton County, Mississippi--died after 1900, Freestone County, Texas. Andrew moved to Texas at the end of the Civil War and was married three times.
  7. Henry W. Day, born 1842, Newton County, Mississippi; died 4 July 1862, Lauderdale Springs, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, while in military training, Civil War.
  8. Winnie Ann Day, born 24 August 1843, Newton County, Mississippi—died 17 November 1928, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi; married Martin Vastine (Wastine) Addy (See later).
  9. Susan Day, born 1844, Newton County, Mississippi. No further record.
  10. William Jasper Day, born 1844, Newton County, Mississippi—died 1916. Jasper was raised by the John Gallaspys after the death of his parents. He later operated a mercantile store  at Conehatta. He never married.
  11. Zachariah Wroten (Zach) Day, born 12 July 1849, Newton County, Mississippi—died 1 May 1935; married Emily Catherine Wansley
  12. Pamela Day, born 1850, Newton County, Mississippi—died before 1860, Newton County, Mississippi
  13. Victoria Ann Day, born 12 October 1852, Decatur, Newton County, Mississippi—died 14 November 1930, Oakland community, Newton County, Mississippi; married John Pressley Puckett (See later).
  14. Samuel Marion Day, born 3 May 1854, Decatur, Newton County, Mississippi—died 26 December 1936, Decatur, Mississippi; married Eliza Frances Puckett (See later.)

Descendants of Rachel Ann Day and John G. Gallapsy

Rachel Ann Day GallaspyRachel Ann Day, daughter of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day, married ca 1848 to John G. Gallaspy, likely son of James Gallaspy and Elizabeth Guin. He was born 1818 in Madison County, Kentucky, and died 1883, Newton County, Mississippi.

John G. Gallaspy, along with his brother Garland Miller Gallaspy, was among the first merchants in Newton County, often combining their business enterprises with farming. In 1850 John was operating a store in the now extinct town of Chunkeyville, Lauderdale County, Mississippi. He later moved his store to the Sand Springs community between Hickory and Decatur at the present site of Little Rock M. B. Church.

Although John G. Gallaspy4 and his brother Garland Miller Gallaspy had few children between them, they represent the first in four or more generations of Gallaspys in Newton County with business interests, not only in Hickory and Chunky, but in Newton, Union, and Decatur as well. They were also farmers also and approached their farming interests with the same level of efficiency as their other business enterprises.

Children of Rachel Ann Day and John G. Gallaspy are

  1. James Henry Gallaspy, born 31 October 1848, Chunkeyville, Lauderdale County, Mississippi—died 27 August 1882, Decatur, Mississippi; married Eliza McCormick Johnson, who following his death, married (2) Daniel Richard Mabry.
  2. Mary5 Josephine Gallaspy, born 6 December 1853, Newton County, Mississippi—died 31 May 1914; married Henry Polk Scoggin
  3. Garland Miller Gallaspy, born 12 October 1860, Newton County, Mississippi—died 10 May 1910, Decatur, Newton County, Mississippi. Often referred to as Garland Miller Gallaspy, Jr., although a nephew of Garland Miller Gallaspy, Sr., he lived in Decatur and was married (1) to Roxianna Russell and (2) Viola V. Virginia Horton. The house which he built in Decatur was, for many years following his death, occupied by his widow Viola and other family members and remains standing today.

Descendants of Permelia Day and Garland Miller Gallaspy, Sr.

Permelia Day, daughter of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day, married ca. 1850 to Garland Miller Gallaspy, Sr., likely son of James Gallaspy and Elizabeth Guin. He was born 08 Aug 1822 in Madison County, Alabama, and died 08 Mar 1894 in Newton County, Mississippi. During the Civil War Garland served in the 1st Regiment, Mississippi Infantry and also as an officer in the 36th Mississippi Infantry, advancing to the rank of Captain, a title that he carried into civilian life. He served one term as Sheriff of Newton County, and like his brother, was primarily a merchant.

Children of Permelia Day and Garland Miller Gallaspy, Sr.:

  1. James Asa Gallaspy, born 14 August 1851, Newton County, Mississippi—died 25 June 1882, Decatur, Newton County, Mississippi; married Susan Miverva Clarke. Susan moved to Newton, Mississippi, after the death of her husband and lived first with her daughter Lillie Gallaspy Hoye and later with her son Tracy Gallaspy who operated a store there. In 1890, she was joined by her father, Rev. N. L. Clarke, who published a newspaper, The Mississippi Baptist, from a back room in the Tracy Gallaspy Building.
  2. William Henry Gallaspy, born 12 September 1853, Newton County, Mississippi—died 18 March 1905, Newton County, Mississippi; married Georgia Ellen Rowzee.

Descendants of Elizabeth (Betty) Day and Eli M. Pennington

Elizabeth (Betty) Day, daughter of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day, married ca. 1858, Eli M. Pennington, son of Issac L. Pennington, Sr., and Martha Ann Humphries, born 12 July 1836, Attala County, Mississippi, and died 9 March 1910, Newton County, Mississippi. At age 90, Elizabeth suffered a broken leg from an accidental fall and never recovered. She is buried in the Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Decatur.

Children of Elizabeth (Betty) Day and Eli Pennington are

  1. Sarah Pennington, born 1859, Newton County, Mississippi—died before 1870, Newton County, Mississippi.
  2. Mary Alice Pennington, born 1863, Newton County, Mississippi—died 24 July 1920, Decatur, Mississippi; married Phillip Mann
  3. Viola Keziah Pennington, born 24 January 1864, Newton County, Mississippi—died 27 December 1953; married Thomas Riley Sivils
  4. Martha Isabella (Belle) Pennington, born 9 March 1866, Newton County, Mississippi—died 13 April 1940, Newton County, Mississippi; married James Thomas Roebuck
  5. Emma Elizabeth Pennington, born 30 August 1868, Decatur, Mississippi—died 12 April 1933, Longview, Texas; married James Abraham Ledlow
  6. Alma E. Pennington, born 18 January 1871, Newton County, Mississippi—died 25 July 1952, Jackson, Mississippi; married Perry Jackson Wash
  7. Virgil Isaac Pennington, born 18 March 1875, Decatur, Mississippi—died 23 September 1954, Newton County, Mississippi;  married Lena Leota (Middie) Smith.
  8. Infant Pennington, d/y.

Descendants of Winnie Ann Day and Martin Wastine Addy

Winnie Ann Day, daughter of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day, married 16 December 1869, Newton County, Mississippi, to Martin Wastine Addy, son of John Simeon Addy, Jr., and Celia Taylor. He was born 22 Nov 1841 in Lexington County, South Carolina, and died 29 Feb 1924 in Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi

Martin Wastine Addy & Winnie Ann Day AddyAccording to Bonnie Morse, Martin W. Addy was originally named Martin Vastine Addy, but changed his name to Martin Wastine. He served in Company C, 15th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry, during the Civil War. According to his military records he was 6' 4" tall, had grey eyes and dark hair. He later moved to Newton County with his parents.

Also, according to the family records of Bonnie Morse, Martin and Winnie were married on December 16, 1869 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Garland M. Gallaspy. They lived most of their lives in Newton County, but moved briefly to Kentucky where three of their children were born. They later moved to Forrest County, Mississippi, and spent their final days with their daughter Mary Eugenia Addy Bryant. They were the parents of four children:

  1. Mary Eugenia (Genie) Addy, born 7 February 1871, Newton County, Mississippi—died 8 June 1955, Forrest County, Mississippi; married Ira Mulen (Bud) Bryant, Jr.
  2. Marion Carson Addy, born 8 July 1873, Marion County, Kentucky—died 29 June 1935, Meridian, Mississippi; married Margaret Ada (Maggie) Vance
  3. Martin Luther Addy, born 14 July 1875, Marion County, Kentucky—died 25 April   1947, Newton County, Mississippi; married Ella Eunice Reeves
  4. Henry Miller Addy, born 4 October 1877, Marion County, Kentucky—died 1 October 1958, Union, Mississippi; married Mildred Caldonia (Donnie) Sheely

Descendants of Zachariah Wroten (Zach) Day

Zachariah Wroten Day, son of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry  C. Day, married ca. 1869 to Emily Catherine Wansley, daughter of Reuben Ransom Wansley, Sr., and Martha Ann Henton. She was born 23 Mar 1848 in Elbert County, Georgia, and died 28 Jul 1896 in Decatur, Mississippi. Zach lived with various children following the death of his wife and died at the home of his daughter Mary Arvella Day Williams. In addition to the children shown, he is reported to also have had three other children: Marion, Lela, and Bessie; however, these have not currently been established by any census records  Known children of Zachariah Wroten Day and Emily Catherine Wansley are:

  1. Mary Arvella Day, born 28 February 1871, Decatur, Mississippi—died 12 November 1948, Decatur, Mississippi; married William Allen (Willie) Williams
  2. William Henry Day, born 26 July 1874, Decatur, Mississippi—died after 1930, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. In 1900, according to census records, he was working for his uncle William Jasper Day at Conehatta as a salesman. By 1930, he was married and living in Shreveport, Louisiana. In 1930, he was living alone in a rooming house in Shreveport, apparently divorced, and working as a real estate agent.
  3. Martha A. (Mattie) Day, born 31 January 1880, Newton County, Mississippi—died 20 July 1971, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; married (1) L. P. Adams and (2) William Cleveland Little
  4. Georgia Ora Day, born 1 March 1881, Newton County, Mississippi—died 28 February 1975, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; married James Wilburn Oden

Descendants of Victoria Ann Day and John Pressley Puckett

Victoria Ann Day, daughter of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day, married 6 November 1872, Newton County, Mississippi, to John Pressley Puckett, son of Richard Pressley Puckett and Emily Ann Lee, born 7 March 1851, Mt. Sterling, Choctaw County, Alabama—died 9 August 1940, Oakland community, Newton County, Mississippi. John was a step-son of the Rev. Nathan L. Clarke. Victoria was raised by the John Gallaspys after the death of her parents, as was her brother Zachariah Wroten Day. Both Victoria and John are buried in Oakland Baptist Church Cemetery, north of Chunky near the homestead that they farmed.

According to Elaine Puckett Graham, John Pressley Puckett had a "cleared off" place near his house at Chunky which was used to bury several infant children. Stella Gibbon described these as Jasper Day, twin to Harvey, another set of twins and two other children who died in infancy. Of the five children who survived childhood, their ages were Richard Marion (79), Harvey (85), Henry (88), Jennie (100) and Stella (103).

John Pressley & Victoria Ann Day Puckett & children

    John Pressley Puckett & Victoria Ann Day Puckett with children (L-R) Henry Garland Puckett, Richard Marion Puckett, Mary Virginia (Jennie) Puckett, Harvey Daniel Puckett, and Permelia Estella (Stella) Puckett Gibbon.

Children of Victoria Ann Day and John Presley Puckett:

  1. Richard Marion Puckett, born 21 July 1875, Chunky Mississippi—died 2 July 1955, Meridian, Mississippi. Richard never married and suffered from a mental disability. He lived most of his life at East Mississippi State Hospital in Meridian
  2. Mary Virginia (Jennie) Puckett, born 21 July 1877, Chunky, Mississippi—died 3 October 1977, Newton, Mississippi. Jennie never married and lived most of her life in the house that her father built in the Oakland community near Chunky.
  3. Elizer Elizabeth Puckett, born 26 December 1878, Chunky, Mississippi—died 10 August 1888, Chunky, Mississippi.
  4. Henry Garland Puckett, born 7 January 1879, Chunky, Mississippi—died 5 September 1867, Crossroads community, Newton County, Mississippi; married Laura Jane Gibbon
  5. Permelia Estella (Stella) Puckett, born 5 August 1881, Chunky, Mississippi—died 14 July 1984, Meridian, Mississippi; married Jesse Byrd Gibbon
  6. Harvey Daniel Puckett, born 26 June 1884, Chunky, Mississippi—died 19 January 1970; married Martha Elizabeth (Lizzie) Rainer
  7. Jasper Puckett, born 26 June 1884, Chunky, Mississippi—died as an infant
  8. Twin Puckett, died as an infant
  9. Twin Puckett, died as an infant
  10. Infant Puckett, died young
  11. Infant Puckett, died young

Descendants of Samuel Marion Day and Eliza Frances Puckett

Samuel Marion & Eliza Frances Puckett DaySamuel Marion Day, son of Mary Eliza Wroten and Henry C. Day, married 14 September 1875, Newton County, Mississippi, to Eliza Frances Puckett, daughter of Richard Pressley Puckett and Emily Ann Lee. She was born 27 February 1857, Mt. Sterling, Alabama—died 7 December 1936, Newton County, Mississippi.

Samuel Marion Day was raised by Capt. Garland Miller Gallaspy and his wife Pemelia Day Gallaspy following the death of his parents. Eliza was a step-daughter of Rev. Nathan L. Clarke and a sister to John Pressley Puckett. Their remaining sister, Martha Ann Puckett, married George Powell Clarke, son of Rev. Nathan L. Clarke and his first wife, Evaline Delia Powell.

According to Dr. Joe Todd, their home in Decatur is still standing and directly to the west of the East Central Community College campus.

Children of Samuel Marion Day and Eliza Frances Puckett:

  1. Richard Henry Day, born 28 April 1877, Decatur, Mississippi—died 29 January 1966, Decatur, Mississippi; married Maria Gertrude McCord. Richard Henry Day was an attorney who also served as Mayor of Decatur. His wife, Gertrude McCord Day, also served in the mayoral position, was among the first women in Mississippi to serve in that capacity. The Day home, demolished in recent years, lay just west of the East Central Community College campus.
  2. Annie Lenora Day, born 6 January 1879, Decatur, Mississippi—died 7 June 1960, Decatur, Mississippi; married Charles William (Charley) McMullan
  3. William Marion Day, born 10 April 1880, Decatur, Mississippi—died 12 April 1957, Homan, Arkansas; married Mary Gussie McDonald
  4. Infant Day, born 3 October 1882, Decatur, Mississippi—died same day
  5. Alonzo Jackson (Lonnie) Day, born 13 September 1884, Decatur, Mississippi—died 14 May 1946, Yazoo County, Mississippi; married (1) Lillian Elizabeth Martin and (2) Kathleen Martin
  6. Walter Lee Day, born 5 October 1886, Decatur, Mississippi—died 22 July 1977, Yazoo County, Mississippi; married Pauline Logan
  7. James Ozro Day, born 30 November 1888, Decatur, Mississippi—died 31 December 1969, Brookhaven, Mississippi; married Maude Barbara Reeves. They had one daughter, Daysidel Day.
  8. Carl Anderson Day, born 13 September 1890, Decatur, Mississippi—died February 1968, Yazoo City, Mississippi; married (1) Virginia Johnson and (2) Willie Cherry.

Descendants of Zachariah Wroten

Zachariah Wroten, son of Isaiah Wroten, Jr., and  Sarah Louisa (Winnie) Hickman, married about 1856 to Louisa Maria Clarke, daughter of Jehu Clarke and Mary Allen. She was born 1833, Caldwell County, North Carolina and died 1901, Temple, Bell County, Texas6..

Andrew Jackson and Susan Emma Crawford WrotenZachariah came to Newton County during the 1830's as a child and lived with his mother Winny Hickman Wroten until her death in the 1850's.  He was then in his forties and an "old bachelor."

According to Lee Elbert Johnson, Louisa’s mother died when she was about 15 and she was called on to help raise six younger siblings. Her father would later move to Newton County to rejoin his older brother, the Rev. N. L. Clarke. Jehu (John) Clarke died in 1870 and is buried in Decatur Cemetery.

Zachariah and Louisa were the parents of four children--Mary Elizabeth Washington Wroten, Andrew Jackson Wroten, William Boone (Will) Wroten, and Nathan Clarke Wroten. Zachariah and Louisa moved to Texas apparently about the year 1897 in the company of their son Will and their daughter Mary Elizabeth Wroten Robinson and her husband Alfred Robinson. Of their four children, only Andrew Jackson Wroten remained in Mississippi.

Children of Zachariah Wroten and Louisa Maria Clarke:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Washington Wroten, born 1857, Newton County, Mississippi—died 1942, Shawnee, Oklahoma; married Alfred Robinson
  2. Andrew Jackson Wroten, born 29 June 1860, Newton County, Mississippi—died 27 September 1945, Decatur, Mississippi; married Susan Emma Crawford (See later.)
  3. William Boone (Will) Wroten, born July 1866, Newton County, Mississippi—died 27 March 1940, Cisco, Eastland County, Texas; married (1) Frances S. Daniel
  4. Nathan Clarke Wroten, born 1871, Newton County, Mississippi—died after 1920, likely Fort Deposit County, Florida; married Robert Rosa Lee, daughter of Daniel Harvey Lee and Haranne Allen and niece of Emily Ann Lee Puckett Clarke, second wife of Rev. Nathan L. Clarke.

Descendants of Andrew Jackson Wroten and Susan Emma Crawford

Andrew Jackson Wroten, son of Zachariah Wroten and Louisa Maria Clarke, married 15 October 1884, Newton County, Mississippi, to Susan Emma Crawford, daughter of Malachi P. Crawford and Stashia A. (Stacy) Barber. She was born 22 Aug 1866, Jasper County, Mississippi, and died 29 Sep 1917 at Decatur.

Following their marriage they bought farm land near Decatur from George Powell Clarke on what is now known as Wroten Road.

According to Elmer Wroten, his mother was fascinated by the letter “M” and would name all of her daughters using that letter (which in the case of her daughter Lora Mae later became reversed.)

Children of Andrew Jackson Wroten and Susan Emma Crawford are:

  1. Myrtie Lee Wroten, born 29 July 1885, Decatur, Mississippi—died 29 September 1967, Newton County, Mississippi; married Walter Rayburn (Bud) Johnson
  2. Mittie Belle Wroten, born 19 October 1887, Decatur, Mississippi—died 8 February 1970; married Joseph Theodore Glenn
  3. Maude Anna Wroten, born  11 February 1889, Decatur, Mississippi—died 11 December 1911, Newton County, Mississippi; married Jesse William Freeman, who after her death moved to Oklahoma and remarried.
  4. Jimmie William Wroten, born 8 August 1890, Decatur, Mississippi—died same day.
  5. Raleigh Hinton Wroten, born 2 June 1892, Decatur, Mississippi—died 3 November 1975; married Jewel Osborne
  6. Amos Melton Wroten, born 5 May 1894, Decatur, Mississippi—died 20 August 1895, Decatur, Mississippi.
  7. John Elmer Wroten, born 20 October 1895, Decatur, Mississippi—died 29 July 1986, Decatur, Mississippi; married (1) Nellie Willie Catherine Cox (2) Ethel Barfoot and (3) Odessa Mae Nicholson
  8. Lora Mae Wroten, born 7 June 1897, Decatur, Mississippi—died 19 May 1978; married (1) Sidney Francis Scarborough and (2) Thaddeus Cochran
  9. Andrew Dewey Wroten, born 3 February 1899, Decatur, Mississippi—died 3 July 1990; married (1) Emma Lou Gaines and (2) Grace Johnson
  10. Minnie Lou Wroten, born 26 August 1900, Decatur, Mississippi—died 3 March 1991; married Ollie Lue Wansley
  11. Luther A. Wroten, born 10 December 1902, Decatur, Mississippi—died 16 July 1977, Atlanta, Georgia; married Esther Louise Heath
  12. Burley A. Wroten, born 25 May 1905, Decatur, Mississippi—died May 1981, Jackson, Mississippi; married Carrie Mae Griffin
  13. Marjorie Ann Wroten, born 1 March 1907, Decatur, Mississippi—died June 1987, Forest, Scott County, Mississippi; married Manuel Lester (Rusty) Russell
  14. Madeline J. Wroten, born 25 May 1909, Decatur, Mississippi—died November 1986, Lena, Leake County, Mississippi; married Gilbert L. Lyle

Lee Elbert Johnson, in an undated letter to Daysidel Day Bruister-Berryhill, made the following comments:

    My mother Myrtie Lee (Wroten) Johnson was born and raised in the Chapel Hill community and they had the largest school that there was in Newton County, MS, and students came from all over the county and from other counties to attend school at Chapel Hill, and when they finished school there then they were able to start teaching. My mother was a school teacher before she married.

    I remember the old school house and I knew all of the people who lived in that community as my grandfather Andrew Jackson Wroten lived there all of his life, and we would get in my Dad’s wagon and go spend several days with Grandfather Wroten, and those were some happy days to me as I did love by Granddad, he was so jolly at all times with us children.

            Your cousin,
            Lee E. Johnson


[1] Shown as Mary Eliza Wroten on her marriage certificate and so-called by the author’s mother, she is often referred to by others as Mary Elizabeth Wroten.

[2] Since 16th Section land can not be legally sold (but  some land was), this was more likely a lease agreement.

[3] One version of the story indicates that Sherman refused to burn Decatur Baptist Church because her funeral was being held at that time; however, her death date does not coincide with Sherman’s visit to Decatur

[4] John’s cemetery marker in Decatur Cemetery refers to him as “John Garland Gallaspy” and is incorrect. Census records, likewise, show that he was born ca. 1822-1823, and not 1818, as recorded on his cemetery marker.

[5] Often referred to as Martha by descendants, she is shown in census records, as well as her death certificate, as Mary Josephine.

[6] The dates of death for Zachariah and Louisa are based on the memory of a granddaughter, Mary Ota Wroten  Rhodes, and can not at the present time be verified through other sources


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