Early Generations of the Benjamin Jefferson Moore Family
In Newton County, Mississippi

 By Charlie Chapman, Jr.

1.  BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1 MOORE was born 1839 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1898 in Newton County, Miss.  He married (1) ELIZA Abt. 1866.  She was born 1845 in Newton County, Mississippi, and died Abt. 1885 in Newton County, Miss.  He married (2) Mrs. AMANDA NELSON Nov 26, 1885 in Newton County, Miss.  She was born 1836 in Alabama, had formerly lived in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi, and was the widow of Smith Nelson. Amanda married secondly to a Mr. Gordy.

Ben Moore, Sr. was living in Newton County, MS in 1870, shortly after the Civil War.  Ben and Morton Moore (possibly Ben's brother) lived next to each other and worked on the farm owned by Joseph F. Moore and his brother Edward Moore.  The owners were the sons of Joseph Moore, who, according to the 1860 Census owned the farm as a plantation with many slaves and Joseph and Edward lived with him on the farm.  It appears that Ben and Morton were slaves on this plantation as there were males slaves appropriately the age of the two.  After the Civil War, Ben and Morton stayed on to work the farm as sharecroppers.

Ben was married to Eliza (maiden name unknown) and they had 2 children in 1870, Willie and Joseph.  Since we can find no further reference to Willie Moore after the 1885 Educable Census, it is assumed that he died at an early age.  Eliza had 4 additional children with Ben (Minnie, Shep, Ben “Boose” Jr. , & Henry), and it appears she died in the early 1880s.  In 1885, Ben took a 2nd wife, Amanda Nelson.  The children he had with Eliza continued to live with Ben and Amanda and the two children they had together (Bessie and Sally (?)).  Amanda had 9 children from her marriage to Smith Nelson. Some were adults and out of their parent’s household, but some were in the school system in the 1885-1886 school year and were probably living with Ben and Amanda (the children were listed in the Educable Census under the Parent/Guardian "Mandy Gordy" – Amanda’s previous married name).  One of Amanda's sons, Matthew Nelson, married Ben's daughter, Minnie Moore.

Deed records from the 1890s in Newton County, MS indicate that Ben Moore and his wife Amanda  owed a farm (60 Acres) in Newton, MS which was purchased in Nov. 1893 from W. P. Humphrey, G. W. Parker, and Wm McDaniel.   The arrangements for the purchase of the land was for $600 (payable via annual payments of $120 in 1894, $120 in 1895, $120 in 1896, $100 in 1897, $100 in 1898 and a final payment of $40 in 1899).  The last reference to Ben  Moore and Amanda in the Deed records was in October 1898.  In November 1897, a Deed of Trust was established, using the farm as collateral, in purchasing farm stock from S. F. Parker (an oxen, a mare, a mule, a cow and a hand-made wagon).  This transaction was completed in full on October 15, 1898 and the Deed of Trust was canceled.

School records for Newton County indicate that Ben & Eliza had their children in the Newton County, MS school system in 1885.  Included among the children was Willie Moore, Ben & Eliza’s oldest child.  Apparently, Willie died shortly after the 1885 school year as I have not been able to find any additional record of Willie and have not heard any discussion of Willie from elder members of the family.

School records indicate that Ben and Amanda lived and raised the family (Ben's children from his marriage to Eliza, and two children he had with Amanda) on this farm during the 1880s-1890s.  School records indicate that they had their children (Joe, Ben, Shep, Minnie, Henry from Ben's previous marriage to Eliza, and Bessie and Sally1 registered in the Newton County School system (Centreville Election District) in 1892 and 1894 with Ben Moore listed as parent.  There are no further school records of Ben and/or Amanda having children in the Newton County School System after 1894; however, several of their children (Joe, Shep, Ben, Jr. & Minnie) remained in Newton County with their own children in the school system there in the early 1900s.

Additionally, no further records of Ben and Amanda have been located in the US Federal Census records or local State/County records.  Therefore, what happened to them after 1898 (after paying off the Deed of Trust) is still "unknown" other than they are presumed to be deceased.

The children of Ben and Eliza (and one child of the Ben and Amanda’s union) inherited the farm from Ben and Amanda in the early 1900s.  According to Newton County Land Records, in 1909 the children (Joe, Shep, Minnie, Ben, Henry, the children of Ben and Eliza, and Bessie, the daughter of Ben and Amanda) divided this land, each receiving approximately 8 to 14 acres, with an additional 4 acres going to Willie McCall, a child of the marriage of Smith and Amanda Nelson.  This provided the foundation for each of the children’s individual farms in Newton County in the early 1900s.

Children of BENJAMIN MOORE and ELIZA are:

     i. WILLIE2 MOORE, b. 1866, Newton County, Miss.  Probably died as a teenager or young adult.

     ii. JOSEPH MOORE, b. May 1867, Newton County, Miss; d. May 14, 1937, Moorhead, Sunflower County, MS.

     iii. SHEP (SHIP) MOORE, b. 1875, Newton County, Miss; d. Nov 03, 1939, Newton County, Miss.

     iv. MINNIE MOORE, b. Mar 1877, Newton County, Miss.

     v. BENJAMIN (BOOSE) MOORE, JR, b. 1878, Newton County, Miss; d. Dec 13, 1936, Newton County, Miss.

     vi. HENRY M. MOORE, b. Feb 08, 1884, Newton County, Miss; d. Mar 12, 1940, Newton County, Miss.

Children of BENJAMIN MOORE and Mrs. AMANDA NELSON are:

     vii. BESSIE2 MOORE, b. 1885, Newton County, Miss.

     viii. SALLY MOORE, b. 1886.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOSEPH2 MOORE (BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1) was born May 1867 in Newton County, Miss, and died May 14, 1937 in Moorhead, Sunflower County, MS.  He married SERENA MATILDA JONES 9 July 1899, Newton County, Mississippi, and daughter of RUEBEN JONES and LUCY WILLIAMS.  She was born Mar 1881 in Newton, Mississippi, and died Jun 24, 1958 in Moorhead, Sunflower County, MS.

In 1900,  Joseph had purchased a farm in Newton, MS and was raising his family on the farm.  He had a mortgage on the farm at the time.

Joe inherited 13.5 acres of land from his father's (Ben Moore & his second wife Amanda) estate in Newton County, Mississippi in 1909.  He sold these 13.5 acres to his brother Henry Moore in 1910 for $150. 

Sometime after 1913 Joe and his family moved to Sunflower County, MS and he was listed in the 1920 US Federal Census for Sunflower County.  His occupation was listed as a "farm laborer" in 1920 and he was renting his home.  In December 1923, he sold to his brother Henry an additional 26 2/3 acres of land that he still owned in Newton County, MS that was adjacent to Henry's other property.

In 1930, Joe still resided in Sunflower County, MS with his family and three of his children (Eartha, Joseph C, and Maggie).  In 1930, he also had his grandson, Ellis Price - son of daughter Lucille Moore, living with his family.  He was renting his home and his occupation was listed as a farmer on a cotton farm.  


       i. GOVENER3 MOORE, b. Mississippi. Traditional  child and may have died as an infant.

       ii. HETTIE  KATE MOORE, b. May 1898, Mississippi.

       iii. LUCILLE MOORE, b. Dec 27, 1900, Newton County, Miss; d. Oct 14, 1974, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, MI;
            m. (1) GEORGE PRICE; b. 1889, Mississippi; d. Aug 1966; m. (2) WILLIE THOMAS.

       iv. JOHN L MOORE, b. Nov 02, 1902, Newton, Mississippi; d. Sep 1980, Moorhead, Sunflower County, MS;
            m. CELIA BOWMAN; b. Apr 13, 1902; d. Jun 1974, Moorhead, Sunflower County, MS.

       v. ELLIS (TOMP) MOORE, b. Abt. 1904, Mississippi.

       vi. MURPHY L MOORE, b. Abt. 1907, Mississippi.

       vii. EARTHA MOORE, b. 1909, Mississippi.

       viii. LIZZIE MOORE, b. 1910, Newton County, Miss; d. Jul 08, 1913, Newton County, Miss.

       ix. JOSEPH C. MOORE, b. 1913, Mississippi.

       x. MAGGIE L MOORE, b. 1917.

3.  SHEP (SHIP)2 MOORE (BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1) was born 1875 in Newton County, Miss, and died Nov 03, 1939 in Newton County, Miss.  He married LULA DONEGAN Dec 31, 1896 in Newton County, Miss.  She was born 1882 in Mississippi.

Shep inherited 13.5 acres of land from his father's (Ben Moore) estate in 1909.  This was the foundation for his farm in Newton County, MS in early 1909.  In the 1910 Census, Shep was living on the farm in Newton County, but his name was spelled Sheperd in the Census.  Shep and Lula continue to raise their family in Newton County.  Buster left home to start his family in 1919, but I am not sure of what happen to Hattie.  She was living with her parents in 1910, but not in 1920.  Searches of marriage and death records have not provided any clues as to her status.  By 1930, Shep and Lula were living alone on their farm in Newton County, continuing to farm the land until his death in 1939.

Per Death Record, Shep was born in Newton, MS and died November 3, 1939 at age 69 in Newton.  He was buried in St. Hill Cemetery. Parents: Ben Moore (born Alabama) and Eliza Moore (born Mississippi). Informant: Henry Moore, Newton, Mississippi. 

Children of SHEP MOORE and LULA DONEGAN are:

       i. HATTIE3 MOORE, b. 1898, Mississippi.

       ii. BUSTER MOORE, b. 1899, Newton County, Miss;
           m. MOLLIE JIMERSON, Apr 26, 1919, Newton County, Miss; b. 1904, Newton County, Miss.

4.  MINNIE2 MOORE (BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1) was born Mar 1877 in Newton County, Miss.  She married MATTHEW NELSON  21 September 18932, son of SMITH and AMANDA NELSON.  He was born Dec 1873 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.

Minnie Moore and Matt Nelson owned their farm in Newton County, Mississippi in the early 1900s and it was next to the farm owned by Minnie's brother Joe.  In 1900, they had a mortgage on the farm.  Minnie then inherited 14 additional acres of land from her father’s estate in 1909.  Minnie's brothers Henry and Benjamin also owned their farms in Newton County and were located a short distance from Minnie's farm.

Minnie and Matt raised their children on the farm and had them attending the Cedar Grove School in Newton County from about 1912 through the late 1920s.  It's probable that Matt died between 1925 and 1930.  Matt was listed as the guardian for their children (Ben, Louise, and Rebecca) in the 1925 school year in the Pine Forest School District.  In the 1930 Census, Minnie was listed as head of household and also as a widow.


       i. JOSEPH M3 NELSON, b. 26 Oct 1894, Newton County, Miss.
          Joe registered for Selective Service in World War I as a resident of Newton, Mississippi,
           where he was living unmarried with his mother.  His was employed as a section hand for
           Mobile, Gulf and Northern Railroad Company.

       ii. MANDY NELSON, b. Jun 1895, Newton County, Miss; m. JESSIE MOORE, Apr 09, 1934, Newton County, Miss.

       iii. MATTIE NELSON, b. May 02, 1897, Newton, Mississippi; d. Mar 21, 1986, Jackson, Mississippi;
            m. HERBERT B PIERCE, Mar 22, 1919, Newton County, Miss; b. Jun 21, 1888; d. Jun 21, 1955, Newton County, Miss.

       iv. VIOLA NELSON, b. 1902, Newton County, Miss; m. JAMES HOUSE.

       v. ESTELLA NELSON, b. Jul 07, 1904, Newton County, Miss; d. Feb 03, 1989, Newton County, Miss;
           m. JOHN MCDONALD, Dec 17, 1925, Newton County, Miss; b. Jun 30, 1903, Lauderdale County, MS; d. Mar 25, 1990, Meridian, MS.

       vi. SMITH NELSON, b. 1903, Newton County, Miss.

       vii. ROSETTA NELSON, b. 1904, Newton County, Miss;
             m. (1 ROBERT EVANS, Dec 25, 1919, Newton County, Miss; b. 1892, Mississippi.);
             m. (2) (1st name unknown) HOWARD

       viii. FRANK NELSON, b. 1906, Newton County, Miss.

       ix. BEN NELSON, b. Jun 30, 1906, Newton County, Miss; d. May 13, 1983, Union, MS;
            m. (1) ROSE BELL WASH, Nov 19, 1926, Newton County, Miss; b. 1912, Mississippi.;
            m. (2) ?? WATKINS

       x. LOUISE NELSON, b. Aug 19, 1908, Newton County, Miss; m. ALBERT BURRELL.

       xi. STILLBORN NELSON, b. Jun 20, 1913, Lawrence, MS; d. Jun 20, 1913, Lawrence, MS.

       xii. REBECCA NELSON, b. 1915, Newton County, Miss; m. GEORGE HEIDELBERG, Oct 11, 1936, Newton County, Miss.

5.  BENJAMIN (BOOSE)2 MOORE, JR (BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1) was born 1878 in Newton County, Miss, and died Dec 13, 1936 in Newton County, Miss.  He met (1) WILLIE  “LULA”  NELSON.    He married (2) ALLIE BARNETT Jan 15, 1903 in Newton County, Miss, daughter of ALLEN  and FRANCES BARNETT  She was born Mar 1888 in Mississippi.  He married (3) AMANDA MCCULLOUGH Dec 19, 1920 in Newton County, Miss.    He married (4) BETTIE WILLIAMS Dec 15, 1925 in Newton County, Miss.  She was born 1889 in Alabama.

Allie Barnett MooreBenjamin (known also  as Boose Moore) inherited 13.5 acres from his father's estate which was the foundation for his farm in Newton County, Mississippi in the early 1900s.  The farm was located next to his brother Henry's farm and a short distance from the farms of his sister Minnie (wife of Matt Nelson) and brother Joseph.

After his marriage to Allie Barnett (See Photo to Left), Ben and Allie raised their children on the farm and had them in the Cedar Grove School in Newton County.  Ben also was raising his son, Smith (Jig) Moore (son by Willie “Lula” Nelson) and also had him in the school system.

After his divorce from Allie, Ben married twice more and continued to raise the children from these unions on the farm in Newton County until his death in 1936.



      i. SMITH (JIG)3 MOORE, b. Sep 04, 1901, Newton, Mississippi; d. Jul 21, 1989, Newton, Newton, MS;
      m. GENEVA (EVA) HANEY; b. Eastabutchie, MS.


       ii. JOHN3 MOORE, b. Feb 09, 1903, Mississippi;
           m. ALBERTA ROSE, Dec 24, 1924, Newton County, Miss; b. 1907, Mississippi.

       iii. WALTER MOORE, b. 1904, Mississippi.

       iv. MATTIE MOORE, b. Apr 12, 1906, Newton County, Miss; d. May 09, 1994, Newton County, Miss;
            m. JOHN BUNYON THAMES, May 03, 1923, Newton County, Miss; b. 1904; d. 1996.

       v. GERTRUDE MOORE, b. Nov 27, 1907, Mississippi;
            m. OTIS GARDNER, Jan 17, 1925, Newton County, Miss; b. 1902, Mississippi; d. 1945.

       vi. REBECCA (DREUETHEL) MOORE, b. Dec 25, 1909, Mississippi; d. Oct 11, 2006, Decatur, MS;
            m. JAMES D. MCINTOSH, Jul 20, 1934, Newton County, Miss; b. Mar 15, 1912, Mississippi.

       vii. LILLIE MOORE, b. Jun 01, 1912, Mississippi; d. Oct 03, 1983;
             m. PRENTIS GARDNER, Jul 17, 1937, Newton County, Miss.

       viii. JAMES MOORE, b. Mar 25, 1913, Mississippi; d. Feb 07, 2000, Flint, MI;
              m. (1) LUCILLE WASH, Sep 15, 1933, Newton County, Miss;
              m. (2) ETHEL CLARK, 1947; b. Jul 20, 1920.

       ix. FRANK L. MOORE, b. Apr 20, 1915, Mississippi; d. Jun 01, 1991;
            m. MELVINA MCCUNE, Nov 19, 1938, Newton County, Miss; b. Mar 12, 1921; d. May 03, 1963.

       x. ROBERT L. MOORE, b. 1920, Mississippi.

       xi. ERNEST MOORE, b. 1921, Mississippi.

       xii. MARIAH MOORE, b. 1923, Mississippi.


       xiii. LETTIE3 MOORE.


       xiv. JAMES (PETE)3 MOORE, b. Sep 07, 1926, Newton County, MS; d. Feb 11, 2005, Meridian, MS;
              m. (1) ?? HEAL;
              m. (2) ELNORA SMITH; b. Jan 08, 1936, Enterprise, MS; d. May 22, 2008, Newton County, Miss.

       xv. BENJAMIN MOORE, b. 1929, Newton County, Miss.

6.  HENRY M.2 MOORE (BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1) was born Feb 08, 1884 in Newton County, Miss, and died Mar 12, 1940 in Newton County, Miss.  He met (1) CALLIE  MCCALL  He married (2) VIRGIE WELLS Dec 25, 1904 in Newton, Mississippi, daughter of JEFFERSON WELLS and EPSIE BURCH.  She was born Aug 12, 1888 in Decatur, Mississippi, and died Oct 17, 1957 in Newton County, Miss.

Reverend Henry M Moore
Virgie Wells Moore

Rev. Henry M. Moore and Virgie Wells Moore

Henry (Rev. H. M. Moore) Moore was about 1 year when his mother, Eliza, died and he was raised by Ben Moore's second wife, Amanda, who Ben married in 1885 in Newton County, MS.

After the death of his father, Benjamin Moore, Sr.,  Henry went to work at the age of 14 as a "Hired Hand" on a farm in Neshoba County and is found there in the 1900 Federal Census living and working for the Isic Jones family in that county.  In 1904, Henry married Virgie Wells in Newton County.

Henry  & Virgie  lived and raised their family in Newton County, Mississippi.  Henry obtained 13.5 acres of land via his father's (Ben Moore) estate in 1909.   Additionally, 4  acres of land were deeded to Willie McCall for Henry's daughter, Tag McCall (Willie's granddaughter).   In January 1910, Henry's brother, Joe, sold him his 13.5 acres of land that he inherited from his father, Ben Moore Sr.  Newton   

Newton County deed records also indicate that Henry purchased 26 2/3 acres of land from his brother, Joe, in 1923 and another 120 acres from John A. Valentine in 1924, for a total of 174 acres which constituted his and Virgie's farm until her death in 1957. Henry or Virgie sold some of the land prior to her death as the final estate was 155 acres.  In addition to farming, Henry was also a preacher in and around Newton County, MS.  Henry was fondly known as "Cot" around Newton County due to his proficiency at growing cotton.

Henry and Virgie produced 16 children (9 boys and 7 girls), included 2  sets of twins (Mary & Martha and J.C. & J.D.).  Two of their boys (Floyd aka Ezell and Percy) died at a very early age (approx. 3 years old each).  In 1930, Henry & Virgie maintained a household containing 13 of their children.  The children attended public school at Cedar Grove in Newton County (Township 6, Range 11), just northwest of Newton.

The original house was demolished in the 1950s and replaced with a larger house with a large wrap-around porch.  That house was the family home until the property was sold.

In March 1940, while attending a church some distance from the farm, Henry suffered a stroke and was brought back to the farm, via car, by members of the church he was attending.  He died at the farm. His death certificate indicates he died of apoplexy.   He was buried at Lawrence, Mississippi. His occupation, besides farming, was preaching, 29 years in this occupation.

After the deaths of Henry and Virgie, the family maintained ownership of the farm until the 1960s-1970s when the children sold the land to the Beaver Creek Golf, Inc. which turned the farm into a golf and recreation resort which still operates on the land.


       i. TAG3 MOORE, b. 1904, Mississippi.

Children of HENRY MOORE and VIRGIE WELLS are:

       ii. MARTHA3 MOORE, b. Oct 23, 1905, Mississippi; d. Apr 09, 1959, Newton County, Miss;
           m. GEORGE HENRY TOLBERT, Mar 13, 1935, Newton County, Miss; b. Sep 1896, Mississippi; d. Sep 28, 1963, Mississippi.

       iii. MARY MOORE, b. Oct 23, 1905, Mississippi; d. Apr 28, 1950, Newton County, Miss;
            m. ALBERT GARY, Jul 26, 1933, Newton County, Miss; b. Nov 30, 1905, Newton, Mississippi; d. Apr 21, 1982, Newton, Miss.

       iv. ANDREW MOORE, b. Mar 22, 1908, Mississippi; d. Aug 10, 1956, Chicago, Cook, IL; m. (1) IRENE; m. (2) BEE.

       v. EZELL (FLOYD) MOORE, b. Feb 17, 1910, Mississippi; d. Mar 23, 1913, Newton County, Mississippi.

       vi. JEFFERSON FRANK MOORE, b. Mar 23, 1912, Newton County, Mississippi; d. Jan 04, 2002, Newton County, Miss;
            m. (1) LILLIE MAE WILLIS, Dec 30, 1932, Newton County, Miss;
            m. (2) ROMA C. BUCKLEY, Dec 24, 1935, Newton County, Miss; b. Sep 28, 1916, Scott County, Miss;
                                                                                                                          d. Nov 27, 1996, Newton County, Miss.

       vii. TIMOTHY MOORE, b. Jan 15, 1914, Newton County, Mississippi; d. Jan 31, 1978, West Palm Beach, Florida;
              m. MATTIE SUE PITTMAN, 1935, Indianola, MS; b. Aug 23, 1919, Indianola, Mississippi; d. Jul 21, 1992, St. Lucie, Florida.

       viii. BESSIE MOORE, b. Jan 10, 1916, Newton County, Miss;
               m. (1) SENIOR BUCKLEY, Apr 18, 1936, Scott County, MS; b. Dec 18, 1911, Mississippi; d. Sep 01, 1955, Homewood, Scott County, MS;
              m. (2) J. D. RUSSELL, Abt. 1957, Newton County, Miss; b. Apr 27, 1911, Newton County, Miss; d. Oct 25, 2007, Newton County, MS

       ix. J. C. (JOHN) MOORE, b. Aug 15, 1917, Newton, Miss; d. Apr 25, 1991, Los Angeles, Ca (under name Yusuf Muhammad);
            m. (1) INA GRACE CURRIE, Mar 12, 1938, Newton County, Miss; b. Apr 26, 1923, Newton, Miss;
            m. (2) MAZZIE MOORE, Abt. 1960.

       x. J. D. (JAMES) MOORE, b. Aug 15, 1917, Mississippi; d. Apr 10, 1989, Tyler, TX;
           m. (1) WINNIE HELEN WILLIAMS, Abt. 1945;
           m. (2) RUTH (UNK), Abt. 1960;
           m. (3) LULABELLE, Abt. 1970.

       xi. ANNIE MOORE, b. Sep 01, 1919, Newton, Miss; d. Aug 06, 1972, Newton, Miss;
            m. WILLIE GRAHAM, Jan 29, 1940, Newton County, Miss; b. Oct 30, 1919, Newton, Miss; d. Aug 30, 2005, Indianapolis, IN.

       xii. CORENER MOORE, b. May 16, 1921, Newton, Mississippi; d. Jan 11, 1989, Mt. Zion Hospital, San Francisco, CA;
              m. (1) CHARLIE MARION CHAPMAN, Sep 21, 1941, Newton County, Miss; b. May 20, 1924, Newton, Mississippi; d. Aug 14, 1954, Jackson, Miss;
              m. (2) SAMUEL ADAMS (S.A.) GARDNER, Jul 31, 1950, Bogalusa, Louisiana); b. Dec 24, 1923, Mississippi; d. Dec 04, 1976, Fort Wayne, IN.

       xiii. RUTH MOORE, b. Dec 04, 1922, Newton, Miss; d. Feb 28, 1969, Park View Hospital - Fort Wayne, Ind;
              m. (1) JOE LINSLEY GIBSON, 1946; m. (2) WILLIAM SWAN.

       xiv. JOE MOORE, b. Aug 09, 1924, Newton, Mississippi;
              m. (1) RUTHIE MAE CHAPMAN, May 22, 1943, Newton County, Miss; b. Nov 07, 1927, Newton County, Miss; d. Dec 17, 2005, Newton County, Miss;
              m. (2) MINNIE LEE WATKINS, Apr 19, 1947, Newton County, Miss; b. Jun 19, 1927, Newton County, Miss.

       xv. PERCY MOORE, b. 1927, Mississippi; d. May 07, 1930, Newton County, Miss.

       xvi. HENRY LEE MOORE, b. Jul 16, 1929, Newton, Miss; d. Jul 20, 1994, Tyler, Texas;
              m. SALLIE MAE EVANS, Apr 26, 1947, Newton County, Miss; b. Mar 13, 1933, Newton County, Miss; d. Jul 23, 1977, Markham, Ill.

       xvii. VIRGIE MOORE, b. Nov 26, 1931, Newton County, Miss;
               m. (1) FELIX GRANT; b. Aug 03, 1929;
               m. (2) JAMES EDWARD (NICK) HUNT; b. Jan 29, 1925, McLemoresville, TN; d. Oct 19, 1993, Beachwood, OH;
               m. (3) ALTIMORE EUGENE PETRIE; b. 1913.

7.  BESSIE2 MOORE (BENJAMIN JEFFERSON1) was born 1885 in Newton County, Miss.  She married HENRY NELSON, son of SMITH and AMANDA NELSON  Feb 24, 1898 in Newton County, Miss.  He was born 1878 in Mississippi.

Bessie inherited 14 acres from her father's (Ben Moore) estate in 1909.   The land was located close to her half-brothers’ (Henry, Joe and Ben) farms.


     i. JOE3 NELSON, b. Apr 1900, Newton County, Miss.


1. Sally Moore lived with Ben and Amanda Moore, but it is not clear if she was their biological child.

2. The actual marriage record gives the bride’s maiden name as Hamilton and is in error


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