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  1. Charlie Graham General Store
  2. Vance-Hollingsworth Store, Union, MS circa 1921

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  1. Hickory Depot



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Newton County Businesses

Vance-Hollingsworth Store, Union, MS circa 1921

     This picture must have been taken in about 1921.  At this time the Service Station/Grocery store was operated by Birdeen Vance James' parents, Robert Lee Vance and Olive Leaf Wall Vance.  Robert used the Pan-Am gasoline delivery truck to supply gasoline to other stores.  Birdeen's father is standing with his foot on the running board and Birdeen is the young girl sitting on the hood next to him.  The lady dressed in black standing between the two gas pumps is her mother.  The other people in the photo could not be identified.  The store had two gas pumps, from which the gas had to be pumped up into the glass container at the top showing the number of gallons, and then put into the vehicle by a hose and nozzle.  The pumping was done by hand using a lever at the bottom of the pump.  This was before the electric pumps were in style.  Back then you could buy a gallon of gas for less than 25 cents and a coke for 5 cents.
The Service Station/Grocery Store was later sold, in the late 1920's or early 1930's, and operated in turn by William Rufus Hollingsworth, his son, George Freeman Hollingsworth and then in the mid to late 1940's, the Hudson family, the Barfoot family and others into the 1970's and later...  In the later years the building was used for various business' to include a restaurant, operated by Jack and Sadie Nelson, and car-detail shop.
     This business is located on the West side of South Decatur Street (old Hwy 15) and is across the street from the City Cemetery in Union, Mississippi.  It is on the North-West corner of the James Street and South Decatur Street intersection.  The main building is still there as of 2010.

(The above narrative was furnished jointly by Clarence Murray James, husband of Birdeen Vance, and William Ralph James, Jr., grandson of George Freeman Hollingsworth)

Charlie Graham General Store Newton County, MS

Charlie Graham’s General Store
Newton County, MS



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Hickory Depot


Hickory, MS Depot


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