Photos of Events
in Newton County

List of Photos

  1. 1912 Pavilion
  2. 1912 First Run of the Meridian & Memphis Railroad to Little Rock, US ca. 1912
  3. Confederate Soldiers Reunion (Stamper)
  4. Cotton King and Queen
  5. Dairy Festival (November 1949)
  6. Hopewell Baptist Church Baptism
  7. Stamper Sewing Circle
  8. Sunday Afternoon, Decatur
  9. Egg Boil in the Woods of Newton County


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1912 Pavilion

Pavilion at Little Rock, MS abt 1912
welcoming arrival of first train.
Picture provided by Ms. Sally Winstead Williams

1912 RR Smith, Jim Thumbnail

First run of the Meridian & Memphis Railroad
at Little Rock, MS being welcomed by crowd.
Picture provided by Ms. Sally Winstead Williams

Confederate Soldiers Reunion Stamper

Confederate Soldiers Reunion (Stamper)
Individuals in photo unknown.

Cotton King and Queen Thumbnail

R. L. “Bob” Allen and Miss Quida Lowe

Dairy Festival November 1949 in Newton MS Thumbnail

Pictured above is a part of the large crowd that was present at the Newton Dairy Festival Saturday Afternoon (November, 1949)

Hopewell Baptist Church Baptism Thumbnail

Hopewell Baptist Church Baptism
(Year Unknown)

Egg Boil in the Woods of Newton County

Egg Boil in the Woods of Newton County
(Year Unknown)
Picture provided by Sally Lynn Winstead Williams

Sunday Afternoon, Decatur Thumbnail

Sunday Afternoon, Decatur
(Year Unknown)

Stamper Sewing Circle Thumbnail

Stamper Sewing Circle
(Year Unknown)

FRONT ROW, left to right:  Cordelia Daniel (nee Roebuck), Mrs. Edgar Horne (nee Nellie Partin); Mrs. Allen Cook (nee Elvira Mapp); Mrs. Joe Lundy (nee Anna Mapp); Mrs. Humphrey (nee Nannie Mapp); Mrs. Robert Loper (nee Lila Roebuck); Mrs. William C. Hansford (nee Kitty Mapp); child is Avie Hansford; Mrs. Sam Henry (nee Sue Hagan) 

SECOND ROW, left to right:  Edna Trapp; Mrs. Bill Harrison (nee Fannie Russell); Mrs. Bloomer Russell (nee Edna Atkinson); Mrs. George Hansford (nee Emma Freeman); Mrs. Charles Freeman (nee Mittie Russell); Hattie Roebuck; Lizzie Cox; Mrs. Nathan Phillips (nee Mary Loper) 

THIRD ROW, left to right:  Mrs. Edgar Mapp (nee Edna Majure); Mrs. Will Watson (nee Ava Atkinson); Mrs. Will Cleveland (nee Beulah Beeman); Mrs. Beal Doolittle (nee Effie Horne); Mrs. Walton (nee Delphia Banks); Mrs. Erby Roebuck (nee Birtie Russell); Mrs. Charles Freeman (nee Lula Collins); Hattie Daniel ( later married Elisha Parker).

Names provide by Terry Lange 06/01/2013



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