The Ladies Soldiers Aid Society at Garlandville1

The ladies of the town of Garlandville proved their willingness to be of service in this great conflict. After their husbands, brothers, sons and others were enrolled and fighting in their respective companys, met on September 30th, 1861 and organized a Ladies Soldiers Aid Society, enrolling fifty-one members over which the following officers were elected and presided: Mrs. Judge Watts, President; Mrs. Dr. Watkins, Vice-President; Mrs. James Watts, Treasurer; and Mrs. Mary E. Chatfield, Secretary.

In October following a busy summer of spinning, dyeing and weaving, cutting and sewing, they sent the following articles to the Jasper Rifles, organized at Garlandville, of Company I, then serving in the Twentieth Mississippi Regiment-Infanty: 143 pairs of pants, 118 pair of flannel drawers, 21 pair of cotton drawers, 41 flannel shirts, 38 jackets, 331 pair of socks, 24 pair of gloves, 7 comfortables, 3 hats, 2 caps, 10 vests, 7 overcoats, 3 pair of boots, 31 pair of shoes, 8 blankets, 1 coverlid, 4 pillows and cases, 2 bedticks, 1 mattress, and 3 comforts.


[1] From the Eastern Clarion, Paulding, Mississippi, October 11, 1861


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