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Name: Carol Redmond
Sent: 02/01/2012 10:32:42 pm

I am helping locate information about the Davis family. A death certificate or cemetery record for Zilpha Mercer Davis (1809-1884) buried in New Springhill Cemetery. We are hoping to find information showing her fathers name (Thomas Mercer). She was born in Darlington, SC and lived in Newton, the wife of James Davis.


Name: Oscar Norman
City: los Angeles
State/Province: CA.U.S.
Sent: 11/17/2011 04:23:06 am

My Great-grand father was Henry Norman
Name: Edward O Norman
City: Long Beach
State/Province: CA
Country: US
Sent: 11/16/2011 06:03:29 pm

I'm looking for information on Norman family in Holly Spring or Clinton Hinds MS. My Great-grand Father was Henry Norman (ex-slave) was born Henry County, Virginia about 1828. He move to Mississippi about 1850 to 1860 before or after Civic War live in Mississippi, He was marry to Eliza Norman she was born North Carolina .

I 'm trying to fine any Norman that mine family member of Henry Norman from Mississippi.

They had about 9 to 15 children one of them was my grand-father:

1. Avery Norman about 1865 Mississippi Son
2. Ann Norman about 1868 Mississippi Daughter
3. Edward Green about 1864 Mississippi Stepson
4. Elizabeth Green about 1869 Mississippi Stepdaughter
5. John Norman about 1871 Mississippi Son
6. Edward Norman about 1873 Mississippi Son
7. Caralun Norman about 1879 Mississippi Daughter
8. Oscar O Norman 22 Nov 1888 Mississippi Son

Edward O Norman We is African-American

Name: Jennifer Clarke Dimich
City: Key Largo
State/Province: FL
Sent: 09/24/2011 01:08:38 am

I am a great (how many?) grand niece of Nathan Lytle Clarke. Our branch of the Clarkes moved from NC to Tampa, Fl. Any other Clarkes want to get in touch, my grandmother has left some information.

Name: Kathy Peters
City: Tallmadge
State/Province: Ohii
Country: USA
Sent: 09/11/2011 04:58:36 pm

I am interested in seeing the Worley part of Daysidel Days' genealogy. Is it possible to get a copy of this work sent to another library? Is it possible to get a copy of the Worley section? My e-mail is I live in Ohio. Do you know if another library has this genealogy?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Kathy Worley Peters

Name: Danny Harrod
City: Tangerine
State/Province: Florida
Country: USA
Sent: 08/31/2011 01:42:36 am

I'm just beginning to research my family history. The article "The Man Behind the Maps" was very interesting. Thomas Harrod is my great great Grandfather, anxious to learn more and interested in seeing those maps.
Thank you,

Name: Barbara Vance Ewald
City: Canton
State/Province: Ga
Country: USA
Sent: 08/26/2011 01:19:57 am

I forgot to leave my email address.
Name: Richard Hollingsworth
City: Tucson
State/Province: Arizona
Country: Pima
Sent: 08/15/2011 03:19:11 pm

Am son of Jerald Hollingsworth principal at Hickory High school in 1960's. Born in Union Ms. 07-21-1958.Thank you for sharing this information. My family history has several twists and this one seems to be very helpful.

Thank You
Richard Hollingsworth

Name: Karen Lee Jones Langridge
City: Wimberley
State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Sent: 08/14/2011 09:26:13 am

I forgot to leave my email address:

Thank you!

Name: Karen Lee Jones Langridge
City: Wimberley
State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Sent: 08/14/2011 09:23:11 am

The "Archive Holdings" button doesn't work. The error message reads "File does not begin with '%PDF-'. Local\EwHD%oeccj3

I'm truly impressed by your site. I'm researching the McMullans, Joneses, and Johnsons of Newton County.

Thanks so very much!


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