Union High School 1900

Union High School 1900
Photo and Caption were furnished to The Union Appeal by the late Harvey Malcolm James of Gulfport, MS and shared with NCHGS by his grandson W. Ralph James of Albuquerque, NM

UNION SCHOOL, 1900 Union School in 1900 was located approximately one hundred feet west of Ancle Cleveland’s home on North Decatur Street. This picture furnished to The Union Appeal by Harvey M. James of Gulfport. Identification of the students and teachers are as follows: (On the top porch, left to right) Dr. Grover Cleveland, Harvey James, Rosco Nicholson, Oliver Cooper, Dr. Andrew McMahen, Henry Bassett, Eddie James, T. B. Cooper, Cleveland Hall, Dillard Adams, and Alvin Sansing. (Standing on the ground against the wall, on the bottom porch and steps, left to right) Henry Parks (a visitor), Mack James, Dr. Carl Hagen, Pearl Chisolm, Alma Parks, Ida Gordon, Pearl Hagen, Elena Pace, Minnie Galoway, Evie McMahan, Miss Harmon, Junie Cleveland, Irene Pace, Lila James, Fannie Galoway (teacher), Katie Hall, Mr. Austin (teacher), Sammie James, Zella Hagen, Mrs. Dr. Andrew James (visitor), Callie Cleveland, Bertie James, Venie Moore, Miss Harmon, Nettie Moore, Abbie Nicholson, Mattie Hall, Cora Nicholson, and Viola James. (Middle row standing left to right) Annie Chisolm, Patsy Pilgrim, Sally Pilgrim, Nona Taylor Staton, Felix Gordon, Elvie Staton, Maude Staton, T. B. Cleveland, Lee Moore, Grady James, Roy Harrison, Amos Pace, unknown, Johnie Galoway, Cline Hagen, Nolan James, Etta James, Clora Hagan, Pearl James, Minnie James, Evie Cleveland, Susie Moore, (Front Row, left to right) Bill Pilgrim, Romney Hagan, Jake Staton, Carl Williamson, Marvin McMahen, Mims Cleveland, Floyd Pace, Amos Gordon, Parkie Sansing, Tom Gordon, Alley James, Tom Galoway, Victor Galoway, Miller Petty, Cammack James, unknown and Dennis Nicholson.


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