The Wagon

By Harold Graham

The wagonA wagon sits unused in the mule barn at the estate of Thomas Irish Doolittle. During the lifetime of Thomas (1853-1936), the wagon was the  primary service vehicle for farm families and was used to haul virtually  everything. While the Doolittle’s could afford a buggy or vintage automobile for  Sunday outings or a trip to town, most farm families used the wagon for all such  occasions.

There are still a few old-timers around who recall hitching a pair of mules to  the wagon on Sunday morning, of setting up straight-backed chairs into the wagon  bed for the family members to sit on, and of trying to hustle everyone to the  church before someone else parked their team under your favorite shade tree.

Yours truly can remember a particular experience at Crossroads Baptist Church in  1945. A revival was being held that week and our wagon arrived just as the  pianist struck a bad note on the piano. The church windows were open on that hot  July day and that bad note could be heard a half-mile away. The mule team,  half-way up the steep hill leading to the church, spooked and tumbled yours  truly out of the back of the wagon some fifteen feet or more, head-over-heels,  down the drive. Some way to start a revival!


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