Old Jim Gordon’s Gold

By Ralph Gordon

Back before the Civil War,
When Dixie was a nation,
There lived a man
On the red clay land, who owned a great plantation,
Old Jim Gordon was his name.
A stash of gold was his claim to fame.
And when the Civil War was fought,
Jim took his fold to the Bankers vault.
But the bankers vault he did not trust,
Cause old Jim knew of the Yankee lust.
So he returned there to his farm
And hid his gold from Shermans arms.

Sherman took the best and burned the rest.
He went to rob old Jim,
A sly old cuss,
He never made a fuss;
He just outsmarted him.

I have no stash,
Just take my cash,
Then go and leave me be.
Old Sherman took one look at Jim
And marched on to the sea.

Until this day, old timers say, the gold will always be
Buried in the ground near the old ghost town known as Willoughby.
So bring your shovels and bring your spades,
And dig the ground where the gold is laid.

Before you dig, please let me warn,
Some say this legend is just a yarn,
Cause crops were lost at an awful cost,
From men digging in little holes;
Not a single dime did they ever find of Jim Gordons Gold.

Copyrighted February 8, 1999 and used by  special permission of the author. Mr. Gordon also notes that the  whereabouts of Old Jim Gordons gold have remained a mystery for nearly  a century and a half.


 A Genealogy  of the Newton County Gordon Family can be found at Carol’s House.   Pictures of Old Jim Gordon's tombstone at County  Line Cemetery in Newton County, MS are also available on that site.


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