Hunting Quail

By Ralph Gordon

Monroe and J.  were hunting quail,
With an old  bird dog that never failed.
He could smell  a bird for a country mile,
J. would brag  with a cunning smile.

It was cold  that day and rainy and wet,
When ole J.s  dog began to set.
J. told  Monroe, Take the right,
Well have  quail for supper tonight.

J. took the  left and flushed the birds,
The shooting  started without a word.
When the smoke  all cleared they looked around,
Not a single  bird was on the ground.

J. just stood  and scratched his head
In disbelief.  Not a bird was dead!
Two good ole  boys, with a lot of pride;
When they took  aim their target died,
But not this  time, they just plain missed.
Now how to  explain all of this?

Monroe looked  at his brother-in-law,
Said, Beats  anything I ever saw,
You just  witnessed a miracle, J.,
A covey of  dead birds just flew away!

Copyright June 15, 1999 and used here  by special permission of the author.


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