By Emory Morgan

Dowse: “To search for a source of water or minerals with a divining rod"—Webster’s dictionary.

Most persons have heard of underground water being located by means of a peach tree limb that will pull downward when over water.  Some persons may also know of plumbers using a wire held in their hand to point to underground pipes.  Conversely, most persons do not believe dowsing is possible, and if so, it is some sort of witchcraft or voodoo.  That is why plumbers do not talk about dowsing much.  Up to 350 years ago, it would have been considered witchcraft to the extent that if the Catholics did not burn you at the stake, the Puritans would.  Archaeologists also do not generally endorse dowsing, yet they will buy electronic instruments to do the same thing.  These same unbelievers have also at one time or another adjusted the antenna on a portable TV set and the picture brightened while they were holding the antenna.

The principle is the same with dowsing, your body is serving as an antenna.  Generally speaking, anything that can be detected with infrared photography or magnetic imaging can also be found with dowsing.  Most persons can get some movement using the wires and about one in fifteen persons will have the latent capacity for the wires to seem to come alive in their hands.

Cut your wire with a pistol grip for your hand, about 4 1/2 inches long, the upper portion about 10 inches, and turn the front down for about two inches.  The exact length is not that important, but you do want to have both wires that you are using have the same dimensions.  I use this size as a wire coat hanger will produce two wires.  Copper or aluminum is a better conductor, but coat hangers are usually convenient.  The front end of the wire is turned down to reduce the ability to pick up overhead wiring, but be careful, it can still happen.

                                        10 inches
                              |                                     |
                              |                                     |  2 inches
        4-5 inches      |

Hold a wire loosely in both hands about a foot apart with long portion of the wire parallel to the ground.  The wires will react to anything different, be it the side of an old road bed, a former building site, pipes, graves, glassware, plastic, even the outline of War of  Northern Aggression artillery where it had fired, and anything different from the earth.  Rocks will not pick up in the soil as they apparently have the same static electricity as the surrounding soil.  Walk very slowly and most people will get some movement, and for most of these persons the wires will cross.

When the wires cross, you know something is there, but you cannot readily outline the shape of the object using two wires, so use one wire, and follow the wire.  Practice by using something in your lawn that is visible such as sidewalks, tables, lawn chairs, or anything available that is big enough for you follow the wire motion.

Emory Morgan dowsing at Union Ridge

Emory Morgan at Union Ridge

You are the among the more gifted persons if your wires flare to either side when you come across the side of a large object.  Hold your wires close enough together so they may touch one another.  When over an object, the distance the wires are apart is the size of the object being dowsed.  Thus you can determine pipe size, the width of a former wall along with the support piers, old roads, and so forth.  In the case of graves, first outline the entire grave, then bring the front of the wires together at the center of one end of the grave, then slowly walk the center of the grave.  In most cases, you will be able to profile the body in the grave.  In the case of a baby, the grave will be almost the size of an adult grave, for the simple reason that the gravedigger had to have room to work.  You can usually, but not always tell the sex of a person as a lady’s hips are normally wider than her shoulders, and the reverse is true for the men.  Ladies are also more likely to have their hair fluffed out than men.

You can determine the depth of an object by walking away from it with your wires pointing to the front.  When you are the distance from the object that it's depth is, the wires will turn and point back to it.  I recently calibrated this with the electronic instrument used by Bell South to locate and determine the depth of fiber optics cable.  We both put the cable in the same place and 12 feet deep, which it was.

CAUTION: You can get a mirror image of an object at the distance from it that is its depth in the ground; therefore, it is prudent to work an object from all sides.  An object can also be offset somewhat from the image you get.  When you are  walking too fast, the wires do not have time to adjust and will make an object appear to be longer or wider than it actually is.

The Smithsonian Magazine in recent years had an article on dowsing, but the dowsers they referred to were persons able to dowse at great distances using maps, and other illustrations that would couple a persons dowsing ability with great psychic ability.  My psychic ability is minimal, but spirits are sometimes experienced, especially in the case of lost graves.  You will sometimes get a felling of gratitude as their graves are no longer lost.  I do work frequently with two persons that possess great psychic ability and they are a pleasure to be with.  John, for instance, was working with me on a privately owned portion of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  I was profiling clear and distinct body images, but he was sensing that many bodies had been removed.  I found those graves on the other side of an abandoned fence line where the body images were ragged from the soil disturbance when they were removed to the National Cemetery.  Julia does not go to battlefields because she is forced to relive the horrors of the battle.  She once told me the long gone home of a set of my G-G-Grandparents was not one story or two story, but something in between.  It turned out that it was still standing in the 1940's, and a neighbor stated that it had a very high roof with sleeping rooms there.  I asked her how she knew this and the reply was that she had gotten a momentary image of the house.

P.S.--When you get very weak readings, they can be supplemented by using the small tubes from florist shops to hold the wire, rather than your hand.  Also, if you can find a plumber that is proficient with the wires, see if you can get him to help you.  Hold the wires at lease a foot apart, and walk very slow, giving the wires a chance to react.

For more information on this subject, contact:
               Emory Alex Morgan 662-369-8151; 20147 Adams Road, Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730


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