Proudly  Announces the Availability of the

Daysidel Day Bruister Berryhill Collection of  Genealogical Materials

Daysidel Day Bruister Berryhill  was a genealogist whose intense interest in tracing her family  heritage was well known to many. After the death of Mrs. Berryhill,  her family donated to NCHGS, on permanent loan, the material that  she had collected during a period of sixty plus years.  Over thirty  surnames had been researched along with some allied families. The  information on each family generally includes, but is not limited  to, miscellaneous notes, notes on the family, documented material,  and correspondence with other researchers. The amount of information  varies from family to family. The collection is housed in the Newton  County Archives and is now available to researchers.

Family names in the  collection include the following: Allen, Blitchinden, Bowen,  Bright, Bruister/Bruster/Brewster, Cains, Carter, Day, Dunn, Durant,  Forgey, Gallaspy, Greer, Hampton, Hickman, Jernigan, Jones, Lee,  Little, Long, Massey, Moak, Norcom, Passmore, Patton, Puckett, Reed,  Reeves, Tidwell, Tyler, Williams, Womack, Worley, Wroten, & Young.


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