The Addy Family

By Sue Garvin and Elsie Hagan

addyPictured Left: Robert J. Addy (gray beard) and wife Frances Q. Addy (dressed in black), his son, John Paul Addy and wife Belle Belew Addy (left), and their children (L-to-R) John Robert Addy, Walter James Addy, Floyd Sylvester Addy, and Thomas Simeon Addy. (Photograph courtesy of James Harris Addy)

The Addy family of Newton County, Mississippi, is of German origin, earlier spellings of the name being given in the records as Ade and Adde.

Hieronymus Solomo Ade, 30 years old and a shoemaker by trade, took his family from his native Wittenberg, Germany, to England in 1738, and thereafter to America, arriving in America in October 1738 aboard the ship Two Brothers. With him he brought his wife Margaretha and a son, Johann Heinrich Ade, born ca. 1735 in Germany. A second son Friedrich Ade, was likely born after their arrival in America.

The destination of Solomo was Georgia where he had been promised a grant of 200 acres. This grant, however, did not materialize and he moved with his family to Charles Town, South Carolina in 1747. There he had multiple problems to deal with including the care of a sickly wife and two underage children, plus honoring the terms of his indenture. Like many of the early settlers in America, he came in the role of an indentured servant and was required to work for his sponsor for a period of five years.

In 1748 Solomo was granted a tract of 200 acres on the Saluda River, Orangeburg District, South Carolina, and close to a Dutch-German settlement. In time this came to be Lexington County, South Carolina. This would be the homeland of many of his descendants.

Johann Heinrich Ade, son of Solomo and Margaretha, married Mary (Molly) ______ and had five children of whom we have knowledge:

  1. John Simeon Addy, Sr., born January 9, 1779; married Catherine Taylor
  2. George Ade/Addy.
  3. Jacob Ade/Addy
  4. Henry Ade/Addy
  5. 5. Barbara Ade/Addy md. George Wheeler

John Simeon Addy, Sr., was born January 9, 1779, Lexington County, South Carolina and married about 1804 to Catherine Taylor. Catherine was born May 17, 1789 and died February 16, 1857. Both John and Catherine are buried on the William Lloyd Addy Farm in Lexington County. To their union was born twelve children, some of whom remained in South Carolina, but others who moved to other states. These children were:

  1. 1. Jacob Addy, moved to Coweta County, Georgia
  2. Joel Addy
  3. John Simeon Addy, Jr., born 13 August 1807, Lexington County, South Carolina
  4. Jesse Addy
  5. Elizabeth Addy
  6. George Addy
  7. Ada Addy
  8. Hiram Addy
  9. Nancy Addy
  10. William Lloyd Addy, Sr.
  11. David Addy
  12. Mittie Ann Addy

John Simeon Addy, Jr., son of John Simeon Addy, Sr., and Catherine Taylor, waited until the end of the Civil War to leave South Carolina. His destination? Newton County, Mississippi. Certainly South Carolina had suffered its share of devastation from the Civil War, but even war-torn Mississippi represented a new start for John Simeon Addy, Jr., and his family. And whatever impact the Civil War had on his family, there was no greater impact than the fact that he sent seven of his sons to fight for the Confederacy in that war.

John Simeon Addy, Jr., married (1) to Mary Magdalene Drafts and (2) Celia Taylor. John Simeon Addy, Jr., and his second wife, Celia Taylor Addy, moved to Newton County, Mississippi, in the early days following the Civil War and with them brought most of their children. They settled north of Decatur and were active in the Mt. Zion Congregational Methodist Church. John Simeon Addy, Jr., died of heart disease on 15 April 1880. Celia Taylor Addy was born 19 February 1810 in Lexington County, South Carolina and died on 4 September 1886. Both John Simeon and Celia are buried in Mt. Zion Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery.

John Simeon Addy, Jr., and Mary Magdalene Drafts had the following issue:

  1. Henry Edwin Addy, born 15 March 1829, Lexington County, South Carolina
  2. Polly Elizabeth Catherine Addy, born 30 September 1831/31, Lexington County, South Carolina

John Simeon Addy Jr., and Celia Taylor had the following issue:

  1. Robert J. (Bob) Addy, born 23 December 1833, Lexington County, South Carolina died 31 July 1908, Newton County, Mississippi; md. (1) Frances Ellen Crout and (2) Frances C. Quattlebaum
  2. Martha Ann Addy, born 12 March 1835, Lexington County, South Carolinadied 8 June 1926, Newton County, Mississippi; married on 5 April 1855 to (1) Simeon Hallman; married (2) Warrington Witt
  3. Daniel M. Addy, born 20 April 1836, Lexington County, South Carolina; md. Susan ______. Following his death in Alabama, Susan brought their two children to Newton County, Mississippi.
  4. James Dedrick (Jim) Addy, born 10 July 1837, Lexington County, South Carolina died 20 August 1896, Leesville, South Carolina; married Adeline C. Derrick
  5. Martin Wastine/Vastine Addy, born 22 November 1841, Lexington County, South Carolina died 28 February 1924, Decatur, Mississippi; married Winnie Ann Day
  6. Mary Ann Addy, born 30 November 1843, Lexington County, South Carolina died 20 February 1921, Newton County, Mississippi, to George David Risinger
  7. Simeon Loyd Addy, born 14 April 1846, Lexington County, South Carolina died in the Battle of the Wilderness, Lynchburg, Virginia on June 6, 1864.
  8. Elias James Addy, born 5 December 1847, Lexington County, South Carolina died 12 January 1920, Newton County, Mississippi; md. Nancy Elizabeth Parks
  9. Henry Pressley Addy, born 30 December 1849, Lexington County, South Carolina died 30 October 1919, Newton County, Mississippi; md. Sina Drusilla Galiway
  10. Walter Pinckney Addy, born 3 November 1851, Lexington County, South Carolina died 11 April 1876, Newton County, Mississippi. Did not marry.

Most of the children of John Simeon Addy lived in Newton County and reared their families here. Five generations of this family are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. The Addys have been farmers and carpenters, factory workers and mechanics, teachers and business owners, politicians and housewives and among the most respected residents of Newton County.


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