The Newton Record

abstracted by Bess Hollingsworth

Volume 1, Number 1, December 5, 1901

Newton High School:Principal - Prof. W. V. Fant.


   Onie Gallaspy          Virgie Sansing

   Carrie L. Bingham      Albert Clarke

   Katie Williams         Ernest Williams

   Lottie Jarrell         Bob Simmons

   Bessie Liver           Roy Hard

   Mattie Chambliss       Selby McClinton

   Jennie Armistead       Austin Madden

   Annie McNeill          Martin Majure

   Allie McNeill          Robert Rew

   Virgie Jackson         Fred Bingham

   Annie Simmons          Sudie Chapman

   Sallie Chapman         Katie Hardy

   Laura Clarke           Glover Chapman

   Ruth Watkins           John McCormick

   Jennie McCord          James Lile

   William Davis


Miss Bertha Buie


   Jamie Lee Byrd         Bernice McMullan

   Frank Brown            Carrie Woodham

   Frank Armistead        Fannie Worsham

   John Crisler           Julia Hutto

   Clifton Bingham        Mary McClinton

   R. K. Dent             Eva Saxton

   James Williams         Eloise Majure

   Carl Hoye              Kate McRaven

   Charles Ogburn         Jessie Hutto

   Truman Jarrell         Ruth Doolittle

   Jett McNeill           Mattie McIntosh

   Victor Powe            Newt Doolittle

   Lella May Powe         Sallie Chapman

   Marguerite Rogers      Hugh Wilson

   Lillith Saxton         Glen Wilson

   Ruth Walton            Nimock Moseley

   Nellie Williams        Paul Smyley

   Julia Leslie           Arthur Phillips

   Willie May Perry       Clark Sansing

   Lucille Watts          John Byrd

   Callie Walker          Lottie Thorne

   Eline Hardy            Blant Woodham


Mrs. J. M. Hardy


   Walter Gilmore         Bon Hutto

   Robert Davidson        Langston Bolton

   Barbara Hutto          Clarke Powe

   Claude Dent            Loy Saxton

   Angie Baucum           Lillie Beatty

   Allee Saxton           Sallie Wilson

   Blanche Norman         Mabel Gilmore

   Blanche Jarrell        Clay Majure

   Weldon Norman          S. M. McElroy

   Charles Rew            John McIntosh

   Nannie Gordon          Lerline Still

   Lora McRaven           Charlie Chapman

   Cab Parker             Oscar Chapman

   Lottie Doolittle       Mattie Ferrell

   Weldon Doolittle       Durwood Wells

   George Ferrell         Moncrief Wells

   Eugene Ferrell         Sallie Moseley

   Jeff Rogers            Powell Woodham

   Guthrie Rogers         Furnes Welsh

   Charlie Crisler        Iky Thomas

   Bessie Ogburn          Ira Thorne

   Terrell Perry          Eleanor Parker

   Alonzo Watts           Sue Davidson

   George Beatty          Anna Crisler

   Maude Walton           Ada Kennedy

   Mamie Williams


Miss Bessie Winslow


   Floyd Woodham          Stanley Majure

   Katie Thompson         Will Richardson

   Phoebe Kennedy         Tom Wilson

   Ella Doolittle         May Rew

   Mary Burnett           Olivia Whatley

   Eva Crisler            Hassie Whatley

   Rena Belle Logan       Ella Crisler

   Mattie C. Hardy        Pearl Magee

   Jamie Burnett          Eugene Wheeler

   Mamie Burnett          L. Chapman

   Irvin Jarrell          Tennie McNeill

   Floyd Atkinson         Agnes Ivey

   Mason Walton           Myrtle Sansing

   James Richardson       Bessie Moseley

   Berry Brown            Ethelbert Moseley


Mrs. Bessie Ryan, music teacher


   Janie Burnett          Mary McClinton

   Mamie Burnett          May Rew

   Eva Crisler            Allie McNeill

   Ella Crisler           Eloise Majure

   Miss Bertha Buie       Kate McRaven

   Ruth Watkins           Sallie Wilson

   Annie McNeill          Willie May Perry

   Mattie Chambliss       Rena Belle Logan

   Kate Williams          Mary Burnett

   Lillie Beatty          Nellie Williams

   Margueritte Rogers     Onie Galloway


Volume 1, Number 5, January 2, 1902

A. E. Fant - principal of school at Decatur.

E. B. Everett - principal of Chunkey school.

Volume 1, Number 7, January 16, 1902

On account of ill health, Miss Bessie Winslow has tendered her resignation as assistant teacher in the Newton high school. She is succeeded by her sister, Miss Mattie Winslow of Jackson, who arrived here Sunday evening. Miss Bessie has returned to her home at Jackson.

Volume 1, No. 35, July 31, 1902

Miss Cora Hasselle, of Enterprise, will be the musical instructor in the Newton high school, having been elected for the ensuing session.

Volume 1, No. 39, August 28, 1902

Newton High School... The faculty is as follows:

   W. V. Fant, principal, eighth, ninth, and tenth grades

   Miss Hallie Buie, assistant, sixth and seventh grades, and part of the eighth grade

   Miss Mattie Winslow, assistant, third, fourth, and fifth grades

   Miss Clara East, asistant, first and second grades

   Miss Laura Clark, librarian

   Miss Cora Hassell, music teacher, vocal and instrumental music

Volume 1, No. 46, October 16, 1902

Miss Zora Thorn left Sunday for Lawrence to take charge of her duties there as teacher of the school.

Volume 1, No. 49, November 6, 1902

The Beula school opened last Monday with A. L. Jones, principal and Miss Mamie Bynum, assistant.

...J. H. Rivers, principal of Witts school.

Witts school opened last Monday with a large attendance, under the management of Miss Mollie Andrews, of Baccus.

(Why Not) school is progressing nicely, under the management of Miss Ethel Jones, with twenty pupils enrolled.

Volume 1, No. 52, November 27, 1902

Wayne Carleton is teaching in our school (Decatur) since Miss Barrett resigned.


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