The Newton Record

abstracted by Bess Hollingsworth

Volume 1, Number 4, December 26, 1901


Charlie Abney and Miss Mamie Burton were married last Sunday at the home of B. F. Prewitt in Montrose, the ceremony being performed by Rev. W. W. Morse. Both are well and favorably known in this section. The bride is assistant teacher in the Forest district high school.

Volume 1, Number 5, January 2, 1902

Cantrell - Loper

Miss Florence Cantrell, who has been with Williams and Short for several years, left yesterday for her old home at Princeton, Ky., where she and J. B. Loper, of Lake, Miss., will be married on the 29th of January.


J. R. Cleveland and R. L. Heflin of the Decatur neighborhood were lively contestants for the hand of Miss Lina McElhenny in matrimony, both procuring a license. Mr. Cleveland, however, was the successful suitor.


A former Newton girl, Miss Emma Burton, an accomplished member of Whitworth College, was married this afternoon to Johnson Taylor of Hattiesburg.

Marriage licenses issued during the month of December, eleven of them being colored:

J. C. Sharp     to Julia Young

Frank Fowler    to Emma Davis

W. B. Cole      to Emma Barrett

J. M. Williams  to M. R. Scoggin

Eddie Johnson   to Bessie Hall

Thos. G. Taylor to Lena McElhenny

Marcus Chaney   to Savannah Crenshaw

J. J. Smith     to Ada Smith

Albert Eason    to Onie McNair

A. N. Morgan    to Bessie Parks

Pleas M. Wash   to Jennie Clark

Walter Walton   to Minnie Matlock

M. A. Atkinson  to Laura Thompson

W. E. McCann    to Susie Evans

A. C. Denton    to Flora Lucy

Early Cleveland to Lula Viverett

W. L. Gilbert   to Ada May

E. E. Reeves    to Ina Addy

Jesse Rogers    to Onie Edwards

J. W. Anderson  to Lida Henderson

D. C. Jones     to Belle Loper

J. H. Dean      to Alice Holyfield

J. R. Cleveland to Lina McElhenny

R. L. Helflin   to Lina McElhenny

Walter Maxwell  to Alice Smith

D. M. Graham    to Pearl L. Dease

W. H. French    to Exah Wall

Otho Stephens   to Alice Thrash

I. B. Alexander to Eunice Chapman

Volume 1, Number 6, January 9, 1902


Cards are out announcing the marriage of A. C. Fant to Miss Ada Sessions at the Methodist church in Macon, MS on the evening of Jan. 15. Mr. Fant is a brother of Prof. W. V. Fant of Newton

Volume 1, Number 7, January 16, 1902

The following list of marriage licenses have been issued during this month:

T. W. Leach     to Sammie James

Henry Brand     to Della McGee

J. N. Myers     to M. J. May

A. P. Thomas    to Jennie Weir

W. L. McAlister to Mrs. S. F. Wells

P. H. Thrash    to A. M. Brown.

Volume 1, Number 8, January 23, 1902


Miss Ada Lee Sessions and Andrew Connor Fant were married at the Methodist church in Macon last week, Rev. J. C. Cameron officiating. The bride is the daughter of C. C. Sessions at that place, and the groom is a prominent business man of Macon and a brother of W. V. Fant at this place. After the ceremony, a reception was given at the home of the bride.


Mr. Henry Brand and Miss Della McGee were quietly married at the residence of Rev. T. H. Harrod last Sunday, that gentleman officiating. Both contracting parties come from prominent families. We wish the couple much happiness and prosperity.


J. B. Loper of Lake left this week for Princeton, Ky., where he was married to Miss Florence Cantrell.

Volume 1, Number 9, January 30, 1902


J. B. Loper, of Lake, left this week for Princeton, Ky., where he was married to Miss Florence Cantrell.

Volume 1, Number 10, February 6, 1902

The following list of marriage licenses have been issued since the last report:

W. S. Laing and Ione Evans

John Horton and Edna Horton

G. O. Hunt and Bessie Parks (Error: Bessie Parks married George Oscar Hurst)

W. F. Rowzee and Onie McMullan

R. M. Pace and Eadie Shealey

Volume 1, Number 11, February 13, 1902

Keahey - Thornton

P. T. Keahey, of Wilmer, Ark., arrived here last night, and went out to Oskabogue to-day, where he is to be married to Miss Carrie Thornton.

Volume 1, Number 13, February 27, 1902

Smyley - Mitchell

Geo. Smyley, of Newton, and Miss Maggie? Mitchell of Conehatta, will be married at Conehatta Sunday evening at 3 o’clock.

Volume 1, No. 16, March 30, 1902

Crook - Thornton

THEIR PLANS FRUSTRATED; Sensational End to a Newton Man’s Marriage Plans

Matrimonial Intentions of B. F. Crook, of Newton, and Miss Pattie Thornton, of Brandon, Brought to an End.

The following article appeared in yesterday’s Meridian Star, and has reference to B. F. Crook, who is employed by the Cumberland Telephone Co. at this place, and who admits the substantial correctness of the story:

Two lovers, Miss Pattie Thornton, of Brandon, and a man named Crook, a well-to-do young man of Forest or Newton, the parents of the young man, and an outsider, who pretended to be a friend of Crook, were the principals in a rather sensational scene yesterday afternoon, part of which was witnessed in Forest and the other on the Alabama and Vicksburg train and at the union station in Meridian.

The story is one of disappointment on the part of two lovers and of deep humiliation on the part of Miss Thornton, while if reports be true, one Livingston, an attorney of Forest, is the champion meddler of the day, as the result of which he came near getting in serious trouble with the Meridian authorities.

It seems that Miss Thornton and Mr. Crook, who have been engaged to be married, intended becoming husband wife yesterday, but owing to objections of Crook’s parents, the ceremony was postponed for the time being.

Yesterday Miss Thornton, who was at Pelahatchie, telephoned Mr. Crook at Forest, informing him of her intention of coming to that city the same afternoon. He was pleased with the idea of seeing his intended and advised that she come by all means.

Upon reaching Forest, Miss Thornton was met at the depot by Mr. Crook, who escorted her to a hotel. Here he made a proposition of an immediate wedding, arguing that inasmuch as they were to be married sooner or later there was no sense in further delaying the ceremony. At first Miss Thornton did not regard the suggestion favorably, but after persuasion she consented to be married.

Crook left the hotel to return later with a license and a minister, but in the meantime his people learned of the intentions of the couple, and offered objections, knocking out all their plans.

It was at this juncture that Livingston appeared on the scene. He informed Miss Thornton that he was an intimate friend to Crook and that he had been asked to arrange to have her board the early morning train for Meridian, as her lover would be on that train. They would, so Livingston said, come to Meridian and be married, in spite of parental objections.

Miss Thornton place implicit confidence in what Livingston told her and consented to board the train. This she did, Livingsnton, the pretended friend and match maker, accompanying her. Immediately after the train was under way, Miss Thornton discovered that Mr. Crook was not aboard, and her suspicions as to the truth of Livingston’s statement were aroused.

The couple had been together only a few minutes, when the young lady was humiliated by the attentions of her escort, she stating to the officers that Livingston had made several ungentlemanly remarks to her and offered other insults.

Conductor McElroy, who was in charge of the train, was notified and he watched the young man, finally seeing enough to convince him that he was annoying Miss Thornton against her wish, whereupon he informed the man that he must desist or suffer consequences. It is said that this warning had some effect, but still Miss Thornton was compelled to put up with the company of the man who had long since grown obnoxious.

When the train reached Meridian, Officer Horne was informed of the affair and the young lady placed in his care, she having expressed a desire to leave the city on the next train for Forest that she might get her effects and return to her home in Brandon. She was given a chair in the ticket office, and Officer Horne informed Livingston that he had better make himself scarce about the depot.

The policeman states that Livingston became indignant when told to cease his attentions to the young lady and leave the station, saying that his name was Livingston and that he practiced law in Forest.

"Well," said the officer, "my name is Horne, and I am a policeman in Meridian, and if you don't get away from this station in a jiffy I will put you in jail. "Livingston left immediately, and has not been seen since.

From Mr. Crook it is learned that Miss Thornton has returned to Brandon, and Livingston to Forest. Mr. Crook came back from Forest yesterday, where he had been to see his brother, who had just married, and his decision to get married was made after going over there. He had never seen Miss Thornton until she arrived in Forest, and their matrimonial intentions were the developments of a telephone acquaintance and courtship by mail.

Volume 1, No. 22, May 1, 1902

Thompson - Scanlan

Harry Thompson and Miss Ella Scanlan are to be married today at the Presbyterian church in Leaf, Miss. Miss Scanlan is the daughter of T. M. Scanlan, formerly a prominent and esteemed citizen of Newton, where her girlhood days were spent, and where she has many friends who will wish her many years of blissful happiness. Mr. Thompson is a young man of sterling worth, being in the mercantile business at Leaf where he also has considerable saw mill interests. He is to be congratulated in winning the heart and hand of the accomplished young woman he has chosen.

Volume 1, No. 25, May 22, 1902

Funderburk - Ivey

J. A. Funderburk, who came here from Georgia about 5 months ago and married Miss Ida Ivey, of this county, was arrested last Monday on a charge of bigamy. He is being held in jail pending an investigation.

Volume 1, No. 27, June 5, 1902

Lewis - Jones

Reporter-Index, 27: Mr. J. B. Lewis and Miss Pearl Jones of Chunkey, were quietly married at Union church last Sunday, Eld. W. S. Ferguson, officiating.

Volume 1, No. 29, June 19, 1902

Edwards - Viverett

Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Nannie Viverett of this place, to E. L. Edwards, of Birmingham, Ala., which will take place at the home of her father, James Viverett on Wednesday, June 25.

Rogers - Brantley

Newton Times, 12: Henry Rogers and Miss Brantley were quietly married at the home of the bride’s father in Neshoba County a few days ago. Mr. Rogers is the man who killed Tom Byrd last fall, and is now out on bail awaiting trial. These young people were to have been married in a few days when the unfortunate killing occurred, last September, and the marriage last week was a culmination of the engagement.

Volume 1, No. 35, July 31, 1902

McLaurin - Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bingham have issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter, Miss Elma, to M. W. McLaurin, of Taylorsville, which event will be solemnized at the Methodist church in Newton on Wednesday, August 6 at 9 P. M. This prominent young couple have hosts of friends and admirers who harbor only wishes of happiness and prosperity for them.

Graham - Barrett

Johnnie Graham and Miss Codie Barrett were married at the home of J. W. Key last Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock, J. E. Williams, officiating.

Volume 1, No. 39, August 28, 1902

Brassell - Saunders

J. D. Brassell, whose native home is Douglassville, Ga., and Miss Lola Saunders, of Pulaski, were quietly married in Newton yesterday evening, Rev. N. L. Clarke, pastor of the Baptist church, officiating.

Mr. Brassell had been here several days attending to the duties of the night agent at the Alabama and Vicksburg depot, during the absence of Mr. Knight, and the bride came in on the eastbound 5 o’clock train last evening. She was met at the train by her affianced, and the bridal couple, accompanied by Mrs. C. G. Parker and I. W. Walker, immediately entered a carriage and drove to the residence of Rev. Mr. Clarke, where the ceremony was performed, after which they returned and took apartments at the Newton Hotel.

The groom is traveling representative of the wholesale firm of Louis P. Rice & Co., at New Orleans, and while taking a vacation between seasons, was filling the place of the night telegraph operator here, having formerly been in this business for a number of years.

The bride is the daughter of the late Sol Saunders, of Pulaski, who was one of Scott County’s best and most prominent citizens, and is an accomplished and highly esteemed young woman.

Barber - Langford

John Barber, living a mile north of town (Lawrence), surprised everybody by bringing his bride home Saturday. She was a Miss Langford.

Volume 1, No. 44, October 2, 1902

Crossley - Edwards

Forest Register, 1: Rev. C. M. Crossley will be married today (Wednesday) to Miss Lizzie Edwards, at the residence of the bride’s parents, near Sulphur Springs church, in Newton county, Rev. J. R. Hays will perform the ceremony.

Volume 1, No. 45, October 9, 1902

Brown - Peck

Miss Lilliam Mounger went over to Hickory yesterday evening to attend the Brown - Peck marriage.

Volume 1, No. 47, October 23, 1902

Williams - Nimocks

Miss Carrie Nimocks, well known in this section, where she was raised, was married yesterday at the home of her uncle, Q. K. Nimocks, in Fayettesville, N. C., to J. C. Williams.

Volume 1, No. 48, October 30, 1902

Jacobs - Adkins

D. Jacobs, who came here several days ago from Marshall, Tex., was married yesterday at Vicksburg to Miss Adkins of Natchez, the ceremony being performed by Justice Rice Crawer, at the residence of Mrs. Miners. It was a gretna green affair, the bride having run away from her home on Tuesday, arriving here that evening. She was met by her intended at the depot, where affectionate greetings were exchanged, and the loving couple departed on the early morning train for Vicksburg, where the nuptial knot was tied. They returned in the afternoon, and have apartments at the home of Mrs. M. L. Wells, for the present.

Weaver - Gordy

Mosely Weaver, after years of protracted celibacy has succeeded in beguiling a very charming young lady, Miss Annie Gordy, into the matrimonial snare. They were united in wedlock last Sunday at the residence of the bride’s father near Lake.

Volume 1, No. 52, November 27, 1902

Ware - Small

Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Willie Ware to Miss Minnie Small on the 7th proximo.

Vance - Amis

Bennie Vance and Miss Alma Amis, of the Greenfield community, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s father, Jno. D. Amis, last Sunday evening. They are receiving the congratulations of their friends in their new home.

Gallaspy - Still

Miss Lillie Still of Lauderdale county, came over to attend the marriage of Miss Alma Still and Tracy Gallaspy.

Gallaspy - Still


In the presence of a few friends and relatives Tracy Gallaspy and Miss Alma Still were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents in Newton last night at 7:30 o'clock, the groom’s grandfather, Rev. N. L. Clarke, performing the ceremony.

Immediately after the ceremony the bridal party repaired to the home of the groom and his mother, where the happy young couple will reside . To-day at noon a thanksgiving and wedding dinner will be had at their home in honor of the event.

The groom is an attaché of the Mississippi Baptist and a deserving young man. His bride is the 2nd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Still and is an attractive young woman, possessing the traits and qualities that will make her a charming wife and Mr. Gallaspy is to be congratulated on winning her affection. The RECORD joins their many friends in wishing for them a happy and prosperous life.


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